Where to Travel In Fiji – Here Are The Top 10 Locations

By on October 16, 2013

Fiji is the favorite holiday destination that provides a wide range of tours, accommodation options and attractions. Deciding where to travel in Fiji is a confusing thing. Hence explore the following regions and check out that suits your holiday vacation and plans.


Where to Travel In Fiji - Suva

When you are thinking about where to travel in Fiji, you should not miss Suva, which is the capital of Fiji. It is the largest city located on southeast coast of Viti Levu.

Suva is renowned for its colonial architecture of the city’s place in the British Empire. Suva’s most famous and popular attractions and activities includes mainly of sampling fresh produce at local markets, shopping and sightseeing.

Nadi Vacations

Nadi is largest among the towns and most tourists’ first stop in Fiji. It is an aesthetically developed location of 30,000. The Beach of Nadi is perfect for relaxing in the sun, a wide strand as well as watching sunsets and must include place in the list of where to travel in Fiji.

Where to Travel In Fiji - Nadi Vacations

Natadola Beach, which is close to Fiji is the most popular and spectacular for body surfing and swimming. The Sleeping Giant orchid gardens, Sri Siva Subramaniya, which is the largest Hindu sanctuary in Southern hemisphere, Waqadra Botanical Gardens are the best and most popular places to visit in Nadi.


Where to Travel In Fiji - Vitilevu

Vitilevu is the largest island in Fiji. It is the home to capital Suva that provides some wonderful and beautiful beaches. Palm-fringed Natadola Beach is one of the best beaches all over the world.


Fiji’s most stunning and popular holiday destination is Denarau, which is just 20 minutes to south of Nadi and it would be the home to a wide range of attractions and adventures.

Where to Travel In Fiji - Denarau

It is famous for tropical gardens, meandering waterways and the island boasts one of the best golf courses in the world and is an epicenter for cruise operators who depart from marina.

Pacific Harbor

It is just 40 minutes far to the west of Suva. Pacific Harbor is a pristine expanse of coastline, which is called as the island’s adventure capital.

Where to Travel In Fiji - Pacific Harbor

Pacific Harbor provides an abundance of land and water based activities and attractions including game fishing expeditions, championship golf course, Beqa Reef and shark dives in a range of other Fiji’s holiday destinations.


It is one of the best popular attractions in your list of where to travel in Fiji. It falls under city area which is located at the entrance of Sigatoka River. The city name Sigatoka is named after naming the River.

Where to Travel In Fiji - Sigatoka

Sigatoka city is situated in coral coast region, is famous for banana plantation in Fiji city. Sigatoka city is famous for numerous attractions such as sand dunes, Kula Eco park and Natadola beach.


Savusavuis one of the major and best tourist holiday destinations of Fiji because of its hot volcanic springs. It is the best place for growing sugarcane. European settlement was provoked by copra production. The flora and fauna of Savusavu is amazing in the world.

Where to Travel In Fiji - Savusavu

A visit or trip to Savusavu can make you see trees like yasi, yaka and Dakua forest etc. Rare birds such as Red Shine Parrot, Orange Dove, Collard Lory and Orange Breasted Myzomela are found here.

Fiji museum

Where to Travel In Fiji - Fiji museum

Fiji museum has excellent collection of different and various aspects of Fijian life. Fiji museum has many departments and services for familiarizing culture and history. It is also the most attractive travel destination to be included in the list of where to travel in Fiji.

Mamanuca Island

Where to Travel In Fiji - Mamanuca Island

It is a part of the Fiji island nation. Mamanuca Island is situated in the southern part of archipelago which is also a part of main Fiji islands named as Yasawa Island. The Mamanuca Island is located close to the west of third big town of Fiji, Nadi.

Turtle Island

Where to Travel In Fiji - Turtle Island

Among 333 islands of Fiji, Turtle Island is one of the major islands. It offers various kinds of activities like sailing, fly-fishing and sunset cruises.

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