When to Travel to Malaysia?

By on October 3, 2013

When to Travel to Malaysia?We all know that Malaysia is the most popular vacation destinations, but knowing when to travel to Malaysia will make your vacation even more memorable and excited.

It is not only a beautiful place but also provides you an opportunity of year-round travel. Malaysia has tropical, warm, weather and various kinds of events and festivals throughout the year.

Visitors can visit Malaysia at any time but the most beautiful time to visit Malaysia is during January, December and summer holidays. The visitors, who visit Malaysia on longer vacations, should come during spring and fall.

Visiting Malaysia during spring and fall seasons is the best time to save money. Most of the visitors visit Malaysia for major events like colors and flavors of Malaysia in July, Petronas Malaysian Grand pix and Merdeka day or Independence Day in august.

Visitors can experience a tropical climate with average temperatures throughout the year. Northeast and southwest monsoon strongly affects the weather conditions in Malaysia. One can expect the rain between November to February in east Malaysia and along east coast of west Malaysia.

But the period between May to September is relatively dry. Avoid visiting eastern coast of Malaysia during November to mid-February where you can witness heavy rains over there.

Many Shops, Hotels and attractions are open throughout the year. But during monsoon season, some hotels may close. Malaysia is at its best with beauty and charm which remains identical irrespective of season.

The climate of Malaysia is classified as hot, humid and tropical throughout the year with 18 degrees and above.

Visiting Malaysia in rainy season:

The rainy season in Malaysia starts from March to May and then again from September to November but some cities will not fall under these conditions like town of Kuching gets rain between November and March. An extreme variation in rainfall is linked with monsoons.

Malaysia has two peak seasons. In which one tourist season starts from December to end of January, covers northern hemisphere winter holidays, New Year’s Day, Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Visiting east coast peninsular Malaysia between Novembers to mid-February is to be avoided as it receives heavy rains. Due to heavy rains many east coast boat services stop and resorts close altogether.

Visiting Malaysia in summer:

Summer is the best time to visit Malaysia as it is relatively dry period. Visitors can enjoy plenty of sunny days and summer stands best for sea conditions for diving and snorkeling. During summer particularly in the month of July, people can experience plenty of sunshine and blue skies over east coast.

Most of the people visit east coast for its perfect sea conditions particularly at weekends. Apart from that, typhoons are expected from July to mid-November which can cause flooding, heavy damage and erosion.

Visiting Malaysia in winter:

Are you crazy over snow? During winter, Malaysia is beautiful with cool atmosphere and the snow can be expected. Winter is the wonderful time to see some of Malaysia’s most colorful festivals in the months of November, December and January.

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