When is the Best Time to Visit Ireland?

By on August 21, 2013

Best Time to Visit IrelandThe best time to visit Ireland is every day. You can visit Ireland anytime in the year. But, it is obvious that type of travel plan (adventure, leisure, etc) decides your visit. Here is some information that would be helpful in deciding the time of your travel.

How is the Weather in Ireland?

Before deciding the best time to visit Ireland, first let know about the weather here, as shows a huge impact on the type of travel plan. The weather in Ireland likes to keep meteorologists on their toes.

As a tourist, you can enjoy those warm and sunny climates in February, or cold, wet days in August. Also, you may find rain lashing on your ankles and also sun taking its position on the beach during the afternoon hours.

Instead of Ireland’s reputation for being humid and cold, the climate is usually quite mild. Also palm trees grow at various locations of island thanks to the wind patterns that help to maintain the temperatures between 40-45 degrees during the winter and 60-70 degrees during the summer.

Sometimes, extreme conditions may happen. Sometimes, the temperatures may drop below freezing and sometimes above 80 degrees. Also, Ireland is subjected to hurricane force winds.

Spring and fall: If you plan traveling Ireland during spring and fall, you will have the opportunity to experience the wonderful rainy season. You may experience both kinds of weather conditions, such as good and bad.

Usually, rain doesn’t last for much time and sun is just around the corner. Also, you will get accommodations and air tickets for less price when compared to the peak summer season. So, spring and fall seasons are the best time to visit Ireland if you are a budget traveler.

Summer: This is most peak period and the best time to visit Ireland. During the summer, you won’t feel the days much hotter, which attracts most people to visit this location. Also here the summer days are a lot longer giving you more time to explore the attractions of Ireland.

During this season, air tickets will cost more. As summer is the peak tourist season, the crowd is very high and the prices of hotels and flights will also cost more.

Winter: As the winter weather is the worst, the prices are its rock bottom. Frost will be seen in the months of January and February. Rarely, we may also experience rain, snow and strong winds.

In many rural areas, most of the bed and breakfast attractions are shut down during the winter months. During the winter months, you can plan visiting the popular cities like Dublin to take advantage of the season’s low rates.

During the month of March, Ireland is filled with events. At March 17th, the country’s best and largest annual event takes place every year. So, March month will be the best time to visit Ireland, if you are festival lover.

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