What To Do In Vilnius Lithuania – Here Are The Top 10 Things

By on October 15, 2013

Vilnius is breath of fresh air with its rich culture and vibrant scenes. Are you planning for Vilnius trip? Then do you know what to do in Vilnius Lithuania? Here are top 10 things to do in Vilnius Lithuania.

Here is the brief overview of what to do in Vilnius Lithuania:

1. Old town: Just imagine the best renaissance architecture, Gothic and baroque in southern Europe within a half mile each other. That is the Vilnius old town hence called UNESCO world heritage site.

What To Do In Vilnius Lithuania - Old Town

Cathedral square is the highlight of old town with its freestanding bell tower and white cathedral which will not look out of place in Venice. Going south of the square to the Dawn gate which is the main and original entrance to the town, you could see grand churches and numerous buildings or constructions.

2. Vilnius Television Tower: It is the must visit place in your list of what to do in Vilnius Lithuania. It is the tallest building of Lithuania at 326m.

What To Do In Vilnius Lithuania - Vilnius Television Tower

In 1991 the TV tower hits the headlines when soviet tanks made an attempt to take over local media. 13 Lithuanians were shot down and we can see the memorials of victims outside and inside the tower. Now TV tower is the symbol of National pride.

3. Money Museum in the Bank of Lithuania: It is an interesting and small well-thought and layed-out museum related to evolution of money, banking and financial matters.

What To Do In Vilnius Lithuania - Money Museum

4. St. Anne’s Church: This church was first built with wood in 1394 and later it was replaced with bricks. St. Anne’s church is the symbol of Vilnius with the history of over 500 years.

What To Do In Vilnius Lithuania - St. Anne's Church

Now this church has been totally built in Gothic style and with red bricks. Napoleon Bonaparte got impressed to this church and thought to take the church along with him.

5. Europos Parkas: Europos parkas of Vilnius is the largest contemporary museum contains 55 acres of forests. This is the primary place that you should take a visit when you think about what to do in Vilnius Lithuania.

What To Do In Vilnius Lithuania - Europos Parkas

You can find out 100 works of art made by international artists. The most famous and popular thing in the museum is the monument which is representing the center of Europe, built by Mr. Gintaras Karosas.

6. Hill of Three Crosses: It is located near old town at Kalnai Park. Since 17thcentury the hill is like home of memorial of three crosses. Legend says that it was constructed in honor of some Franciscan monks who were killed on the spot where the monument now erected.

What To Do In Vilnius Lithuania - Hill of Three Crosses

The present monument is constructed in 1989 as the old one was destroyed during soviet period. You can have a nice view of city of Vilnius from the top of the hill.

7. Gedimino Avenue: Gedimino Street is the big and main street in Vilnius city which is named after the Grand duke of Lithuania Gediminas. Novotel hotel is located in this street only and it is famous for dining and shopping.

What To Do In Vilnius Lithuania - Gedimino Avenue

The Lithuania National Drama Theater, municipality square, Museums of Genocide victims, government buildings like parliament and the monument of Kudirka are located in Gedimino Avenue.

8. Uzupis: You can reach Uzupis by crossing the River Vilnia, which is of high stream. The town Uzupis has declared its Independence from the rest of Vilnius. Uzupishas its own constitution and celebrates Independence Day on April fool’s day.

What To Do In Vilnius Lithuania - Uzupis

9. Gediminas Tower: Gediminas tower is the most stunning of the old town center and survival part of Gedimina Castle. From the top of tower you can get the beautiful panoramic view. There is also a museum inside the Gedimina tower.

What To Do In Vilnius Lithuania - Gediminas Tower

10. Presidential Palace: Presidential palace is the home for the president and government proceedings. It is constructed in late 1300’s and many renovations and changes has been done till now.

What To Do In Vilnius Lithuania - Presidential Palace

The president flag has been flown over the palace when president is in the city. On every Fridays and Saturday, you can get chance of free tours but it is only for limited tickets.

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