Useful Safety Tips For Traveling To Mexico

By on August 19, 2013

Tips For Traveling To MexicoIf you are planning to visit Mexico for the first time, then you will wish to have an excellent time along with your loved ones. The last thing you would wish for is facing some difficulties there, which is a very new place.

There might be chances of encountering some unpleasant incidents such as losing your belongings, facing a robbery, being cheated by someone etc, which is a common scenario at any tourist destination.

The following tips for traveling to Mexico will help you to make the trip safe and enjoyable one.

Tips to follow before you leave for Mexico:

  • Double check your destinations: Make sure you check about those destinations that you wish to visit and see if there is some news about the region. You can visit the website of US Department of State as it might have the recent warnings or announcements regarding the places and some safety warnings to travelers. You can also watch world news everyday to stay connected with the events there.
  • Leave behind your valuables: If you are packing your luggage, you can keep your valuable like jewels and other valuable gadgets at home. Carry only those you require is that it makes your luggage lighter and also offers great escape from any valuables being stolen.
  • Email your documents yourself: Remember to take photocopies of all the important documents like passport, and other travel documents. Email a scanned set of these documents to your own email id. This way you will have back up of copies even if you lose the documents and other papers.
  • Bank details: Make sure you have the international telephone number of your bank and credit card with you in case you need them during an emergency. Make sure to inform the bank about your Mexico trip because they may block your transaction in Mexico.
  • Traveler’s checks: Though using plastic money like credit cards or debit cards are a good options there are chances that you might lose them or sometimes can get stuck up in the cash machine, which would put you in to jeopardy. You can carry some traveler’s checks in this case to save you the trouble or put the cards in a cloth bag and wear it under your clothes.
  • Blend with the Mexican public: Try to blend in with the public of Mexico as much as possible. Do not have the appearance of a typical tourist with a map in hand, camera around your neck and look for directions. Make sure you ask for the details of the location you are headed to with the Manager of the hotel you are staying beforehand.
  • Never go to ATMS at night: Choose to go to ATMs in crowded area and not in a secluded area during the daytime. Never go to an ATM at nighttime as t can lead to kindling the thieves’ attention. Also, put the money safely as soon as you draw it and don’t keep it in obvious places.
  • Booking a Cab: While you are in Mexico, avoid hailing a cab on the streets. You can ask your hotel to book one, as they will note the number of the taxi. If in public places, make use of official cabs.

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