Travel to Morocco Safety – Exercise a High Degree of Caution

By on August 27, 2013

Travel to Morocco SafetyWhen you want to know about travel to Morocco safety, you should be very careful as the threat of terrorist attack against western interest.

You should careful towards your personal security at all the times and frequently monitor the media regarding the information about possible new safety and security threats.

Travel to Morocco safety – Terror attack

There is a general threat from terrorists in Morocco. The attacks could be undiscerning in the places frequently visited by foreigners. When you plan to visit Morocco, you should take practical safety protections and also maintain high levels of vigilance at all times.

Also there is a threat of kidnapping during the wider and immediate regions. You should take more care when you are traveling in remote or border areas.

Travel to Morocco safety – Safety and Security

In various locations, in Morocco, there is occasional demonstration and protests. Though the demonstrations are peaceful, there are isolated incidents of looting and vandalism. You have to follow the international and local developments in the media and follow the functional security precautions.

Also, there is a possibility of occasional incidents involving theft at knifepoint in the major areas and along the beaches. Don’t visit the areas that you are not aware of. Don’t carry valuables and large amount of money along with you.

Also, there is a possibility of carjacking incidents. To avoid these, you should do defensive driving, don’t stop at the roadside and lock vehicle doors at all times.

Travel carefully in crowds, and avoid the fake guidelines, which provide false information about Morocco travel.
Road Travel to Morocco safety
There is poor safety on the roads of Morocco. Drivers should take extra care while overtaking, especially in the places where there is no hard shoulder. Take enough time to reach your destination and drive within the speed limit.

Also, there have been some demonstrations in several locations across the country. Most of the locations have been peaceful.

Here are some simple tips when you are traveling to Morocco:

  • Do hang on to your bus ticket.
  • Don’t agree to a cab drivers offer prematurely.
  • Don’t follow the kids who want to be your guide.
  • Do negotiate over the prices of hotel rooms.
  • Don’t allow a friendly stranger to borrow your bus fare.

It is strongly suggested you not to travel to the Western Sahara as the risk posed by landmines. You should take the permission from Morocco authorities prior traveling to Western Sahara.

I hope this information is very useful when you plan your travel to Morocco.

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