Travel Essentials List While Traveling To Costa Rica

By on June 15, 2015

The travel essentials list of two people traveling to Costa Rica might differ depending on their travel plans.

There are travelers who might be comfortable with some T-shirts, a swimsuit and some sandals while others might require something more than these small items.

When looking for the travel essentials list when traveling to Costa Rica, it is also important to look out for the things that you do not need to take.

The contents of your list might specially depend on the duration of your stay and even some personal preferences.

Travel Essentials List For Costa Rica

Here are the things to include in your travel essentials list while traveling to Costa Rica.

Travel Essentials List


Try packing casual clothes when traveling to Costa Rica. This is because Costa Rica is a casual country except the metro area called San Jose.

Avoid taking office-wear and go for the comfortable tops, sandals and shorts. Simple dresses make for the best clothes for ladies while polo shirts and dressy shorts are for men.

Sturdy Sneakers or Hiking Boots

If you are planning to go walking or hiking in Costa Rica then you just pack a pair of sturdy shoes. Go for sneakers or closed tow hiking boots because they are extremely safe against biting insects like ants.

Sunscreen Lotions Or Creams

Sunscreens are very expensive in Costa Rica. Therefore, make sure that you have a good store of sunscreen with you while traveling to this place.

Sun Hat And Sun Glasses

If you are planning for some beach fun while in Costa Rica then make it a point to carry sun glasses and even a sun hat. These are items that will save you from burns while you are having a good time at the beach.

Spanish Dictionary

English is a common language that is widely spoken in almost all tourist destinations but you might come across people in Costa Rica who will only speak Spanish.

Shuttle van drivers, cab drivers and bus drivers generally speak Spanish. This is the reason why a Spanish dictionary is a must when traveling to Costa Rica.

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