Tourist Attractions of Macau, Which Should Not Be Missed

By on January 24, 2014

Macau, hot tourist destination in china that has a very rich heritage of both Chinese and Portuguese past including numerous outstanding illustrations of oriental and western culture and art.

Macau is considered one of the two administrative regions of peoples Republic of china. Here are some most popular tourist attractions in Macau that form part of tourist’s itinerary.

Macau Tower

Macau tower also known as Macau Sky Tower is of 338m height from ground level. It is reputed for its observation deck from where tourists can have an amazing view of all parts of Macau.

Macau Tourist Attractions - Macau Tower

Inside the tower, you can find shopping malls, restaurants, theaters and the skywalk X. Tourists can get an opportunity to walk around the outer edge of this stunning building.

Ruins of St Paul

Visiting Macau without traveling to Ruins of St Paul, most visited Macau attraction factually means not visiting tourist attractions in Macau at all.

Macau Tourist Attractions - Ruins of St Paul

It serves as powerful symbol of Portuguese built in 16th century that caught fire in 1835 but still remains today the front facade of church, St Paul’s college and grand stone stairs. It has attractive exhibitions of religious artworks including sculptures, paintings and statues.

A-Ma Temple

A-Ma temple is one of the most famous and oldest Taoist temples in Macau located on south west of Macau peninsula. It is designated as Historic Center of Macau.

Macau Tourist Attractions - A-Ma Temple

It is well designed in ancient Chinese texts as well as denoted in paintings. You will find Hongren Hall, first scenes snapped in china by entering the temple across the gateway.

Macau Casino

Macau casino is the major tourist attraction in Macau. Many Hong Kong residents and Chinese residents travel to Macau on every Friday night to have weekend fun and excitement in various casinos.

Macau Tourist Attractions - Macau Casino

Senado Square

Senado Square is reputed as most photogenic spots in city and considered as pulse point of Macau’s UNESCO quarter. This is like witness to the history of Macau that displays European-style constructions.

Macau Tourist Attractions - Senado Square

Worth a visit in this historic area are the Holy House of Mercy and St. Dominic which are awesome places for shooting too.

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