Top Tourist Attractions in Gambia, Africa

By on June 24, 2014


Tourist Attractions in Gambia - Makasutu

Take a trip to Makasutu palm forest located on the bank of tributary of Gambia River. Why it is a tourist attraction!!? It has wide range of various eco-systems such as Savanna, dense forest and mangrove regions.

With this beautiful forest park, you will come to know about the woodland fauna and local medicinal plants. You can have access to boat trip through dugout canoe with which you will enjoy the local beats of music and local-style of dance.

National Museum

Tourist Attractions in Gambia - National Museum

When coming to those who want to hit the historical areas, nothing is better than Gambia National Museum. It gives you required information regarding history of Gambia.

You will get the information through maps, photos and in the form of text regarding archeology. Discover colonial architecture and admiring ethnographic displays in the museum.

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