Top Tourist Attractions in Gambia, Africa

By on June 24, 2014

Tourist attractions in Gambia!!? Are you thinking it a small destination and what it can offer to tourists to enjoy their trip!??? You are wrong.

Though Gambia is small, it has plenty of things to do and offers variety of attractions giving you exciting travel experience. We have compiled a list of tourist attractions of Gambia. Plan a trip to Gambia and make your trip colorful and vibrant!!

Abuko Nature Reserve

Tourist Attractions in Gambia - Abuko Nature Reserve

Abuko is the first and mightiest reserve among Gambia’s nature reserves. It is a home for 52 animal species and especially famous for Nile crocodiles.

This is only place where you can find variety of animal species such as green and violet turacos, pythons, endangered western red colobus monkeys and patas monkeys, over 300 bird species, sun birds, yellowbills and leafloves etc.

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