Top Things to do in Los Angeles with Kids

By on September 20, 2013

Los Angeles is popularly known for crazy nightlife, Hollywood glitz, and also lots of temptations for you and your kids for a fun-filled family vacation.

From the relaxed beach groups to action fulfilled amusement parks. There is everything to find in this thrilling metropolis.

Here is the guide for things to do in Los Angeles along with your kids

1. Universal Studios Hollywood

Los Angeles with Kids - Universal Studios Hollywood

This entertainment capital of LA offers you amazing Hollywood movie experience. While Universal Studios is certainly family-friendly, people who are visiting with children may find that the majority of rides are too intense for your children.

Most popular things that are suitable for young children include:

  • The Adventures of Curious George
  • Universal’s Animal Actors
  • Characters in the Park
  • Shrek 4D
  • The Simpsons Ride
  • Jurassic Park – The Ride

2. Disneyland

Los Angeles with Kids - Disneyland

Disneyland is referred to as the “Happiest place on earth”. The most popular things you can enjoy with children in Disneyland include:

  • Casey Jr. Circus Train Ride
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride
  • The Baby Center
  • Minnie and Friends
  • Parade Magic
  • Tarzan’s Tree house
  • Buzz Light year Astro Blaster Ride
  • Photo Ops throughout Disneyland
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Ride
  • Mickey’s Toon town Morning Madness Event

3. Aquarium of the Pacific

Here you can discover the world’s largest ocean as you travel from the rigid waters of the North Pacific, through the local waters of sunny Southern California to the colorful reefs of the Tropical Pacific. Fall is the great time to visit this aquarium.

Los Angeles with Kids - Aquarium of the Pacific

This time you can enjoy the new baby animals on the show, several festivals and various ocean exploration programs. Here you will find tons of things for kids and they seem to have more touching pools than any similar facility in the state.

4. Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

This place is the home for more than 1100 mammals, reptiles, and birds throughout the world along with various rare and endangered species.

Los Angeles with Kids - Zoo and Botanical Gardensith-kids-los-angeles-zoo

Your children can enjoy watching various animals like seals, lowland gorillas, Komodo dragons, chimpanzees, tigers, exotic birds, giraffes, rare snow leopards, etc. Here in the Botanical Garden you can even explore 7000+ plants throughout the world.

5. Outdoors with kids in LA

The whole outdoors is your playground when you take vacation with your kids in Los Angeles. A day to enjoy at the beach, a hike in the local mountains, there is always more to explore here for adults as well as kids.

Los Angeles with Kids -  Outdoors With Kids

6. Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier

Los Angeles with Kids - Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier

When you want to take a family vacation, Pacific Park is the most preferred destination. It is situated on the famous Santa Monica Pier. This park is the only amusement park in pier-set. World’s only solar driven Ferris roll will take your family to new altitudes i.e. almost 130 feet above the level of ocean, for an imaginary coastline vision.

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