Top Activities You Can Enjoy During Caribbean Vacation

By on November 20, 2013

Caribbean is the region consists of Caribbean Sea, islands of West Indies and south or Central America coasts. It contains 700 islands mostly on the Caribbean plate.

Caribbean is one of the best regions to go and mainly people enjoy lying on the beach under the sun to relax for hours.

Many activities include sightseeing, adventure, activities on water and zip lining. Also there are tours which you can book online or have a look on through the tour books which are available there.

The top five most activities to enjoy are here for you.

Swim and Wild Life

Caribbean Vacation Activities - Swimming

Have you swim along with the animals? If so you get even better, because Caribbean is ready to offer you such a great moment i.e., with the stingrays.

Have a close move with dolphins, lizards, monkeys etc. Never miss the chance to ride a horse along the beach side.

Rainforest Hike

Caribbean Vacation Activities - Rainforest Hike

If you have to get on to the islands with huge rainforest, don’t think too much on hiking, just go for it. It is one of the fabulous experiences. Watch the beauty of Caribbean’s flora and fauna, the history and ecology.

Caribbean Vacation Activities – Waterfalls

Caribbean Vacation Activities - Waterfalls

It is not just the waterfall and you can even swim in the water at the base. The naturally formed pool with large rocks is the scenic beauty to enjoy.


Caribbean Vacation Activities - Rafting

Everyone gets the Goosebumps by even thinking about the rafting down the river. Here It is more than that you expect. White-water rafting, the famous in the Caribbean is all about to have great fun in Jamaica in Rio Bueno river.

Shopping and City Tours

Caribbean Vacation Activities - Shopping and City Tours

Though these all are the islands in Caribbean, you will be excited with the city with scenic and historic beauties. A good guide to hire for the city tour is important. There are the best shopping spots in the Caribbean islands, Duty-free shopping makes you shop till you dry.

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