Top 8 Spookiest Places In The World

By on October 24, 2013

Berry Pomeroy Castle, Totnes

Many legends are associated with Berry Pomeroy Castle and it also has the fame of being spookiest place. The two famous female ghosts are present in this castle named Blue lady and White lady.

Spookiest Places In The World - Berry Pomeroy Castle

Margaret Pomeroy has been sentenced to death by her own jealous sister who is still roaming as a spirit called white lady in and around the castle. Blue lady is not associated with specific places.

Edinburgh Castle

It is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburgh castle is a rocky crag, magnificent and typically medieval which gives a stunning view of hills and scenery. But it consists of spirits of dead inside the narrow streets and vacant halls.

Spookiest Places In The World - Edinburgh Castle

Spirits of victims of plague, south bridge walls and prison cells are associated with this castle. It is also believed that prisoner’s dead bodies that were died in the American war of independence and French seven year war or ghost dogs are present in this castle.

Monte Cristo, New South Wales, Australia

Monte Cristo is the most haunted and popular castle situated in Junee, New South Wales. Mrs. Crawley who is the owner of the building had lived 23 years after her husband’s death.

Spookiest Places In The World - Monte Cristo

She came out of building which was happened only two times after the death of her spouse. She particularly haunts the former room of the house after death.

Most of the people experienced some haunting incidents like automatic on and off lights, bodiless ghost, ghostly voices and floating apparition.

Some people have reported that they turned to purple color and breathless when they entered the bed room of the lady. But when they came out of the room they were normal.

Whaley House, California

Whaley house is one of the most haunted places in United States according to America’s travel channels. This is built or constructed by Thomas Whaley in 1857. This building is associated with many ghosts or spirits.

Spookiest Places In The World - Whaley House

Whaley house has a hot spot where Yankee Jim was hanged. Later Violet Whaley and Whaley family members also attempted suicide and died. Most of the people reported that they have experienced the evil acts of the ghosts over there.

Tower of London

The tower of London is reputed for being haunted during 900 years of existence. England’s most famous and notorious figures have been died here.

Spookiest Places In The World - Tower of London

Anne Boleyn who is the wife of king Henry 8 was sentenced to death for her inability to give a male heir. Many people have seen her headless apparition. Salt tower is the most scary place even dogs refuse to go there.

White House

White house is the famous residence in the world and also the most haunted places. The first president john Adams and his wife Abigail’s spirits are still roaming in and around the building.

Spookiest Places In The World - White House

Even Winston Churchill also experienced the ghostly encounter and refused to stay in the house. Michelle Obama is the first lady who confirmed the mystery of the haunted building.

Bhangarh Fort, India

Spookiest Places In The World - Bhangarh Fort

People who have visited this fort reported many evil acts like unease in air and feeling sense of restlessness. It is the ancient Indian fortress which is the most haunted place and even government does not allow the entries during sunset to sunrise.

Highgate Cemetery

It is located in North London England. People who visit this place will have the experience of watching Alfred Hitchcock’s horror flick in reality. Here by the time sunset begins, the place turns to horror environment.

Spookiest Places In The World - Highgate Cemetery

It is one of the most ideal places for ghost searchers. Creaky pathways, headless spirits, improper grass pavements and owl hooting are the haunting experiences of the people who visit this cemetery.

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