Top 7 Turks and Caicos Beach Resorts

By on October 1, 2013

Dive into one of the unbelievable exciting beaches of Turks & Caicos for this vacation. If you are in search of most comprehensive family vacation resort, which offers imaginable amenity for you, then look at this list of Top 7 Turcks and Caicos Beach Resorts:

Beaches Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos Beach Resorts - Beaches

This is a 45,000 sq ft water park, 12-miles of beach, which is lapped by the very clear turquoise waters, 3 magnificent villages that boasted the ambiance and architecture of Caribbean, Italy and France. Here you can have endless fun. This resort is awarded as the top family hotel in the Caribbean.

Alexandra Resort

Turks and Caicos Beach Resorts - Alexandra Resort

With its lush, expensive grounds, this 91 suite resort is regarded as the one of the larger Turks and Caicos beach resorts, which is located directly on the Grace Bay Beach. Here tourists can enjoy the service of friendly and attentive staff.

Couples love this beautiful ocean front, which offer stunning views of turquoise water that made the Turks and Caicos very famous.

Windsong Resort

Turks and Caicos Beach Resorts - Windsong Resort

This resort offers you luxury accommodation at a very special place that is on the edge of the breathtaking coral reef. Relax at this beautiful resort. You can enjoy the facilities like spa, nightclub, and also other attractions of the Windsong resort. At this fantasy destination, there is something for everyone.

Royal West Indies

Turks and Caicos Beach Resorts - Royal West Indies

This luxurious beachfront resort nestled on the world famous Grace Bay Beach Shores in the Turks and Caicos Island. They will provide one and also two bedroom accommodations, very big suit property, and they offer you spacious outdoor and indoor living space and also luxurious kitchen space.

This is located on white sands of Caribbean’s most beautiful beach; you will be just a step away from the mesmerizing water of Grace Bay Beach Turks and Caicos.

Ocean Club Resort

Turks and Caicos Beach Resorts - Ocean Club Resort

If you are looking for a peaceful beach resort then this is the best of all, this place is clean, quiet and comfortable and also has the best of Grace Bay Beach. The rooms are large and nice, luxurious kitchen and more. This is perfect for playing water sports, or you can enjoy golf, micro lighting and rock climbing.

Sand at Grace Bay Resort

Turks and Caicos Beach Resorts - Sand at Grace Bay Resort

This is located at the Center of the Grace Bay with 114 rooms, offers you spectacular, solid and amenities like nice restaurants, fitness center, two big pools, and also a long stretch of the beach with attractive rates.

Very big balconies, thoughtfully appointed suites are assets for this resort. Enjoy fine dining, quiet day dreaming and sights of one of the world’s acclaimed beaches.

West Bay Club

Turks and Caicos Beach Resorts - West Bay Club

Whether you are in search of midweek break, family holiday or perfect weekend trip by the beautiful sea, then West Bay Club is an ultimate destination for relaxation, leisure and luxury. Treat yourself with the stylish seaside break. This is the best place to know many hidden secrets of Islands or even to explore the heritage and natural beauty.

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