Top 5 Vienna Tourist Places You Must See

By on November 11, 2014

Vienna is the capital city of Austria and always played a great role in various phases of European history due to its location in the center of the Europe.

This place is also famous for impressive buildings, parks and monuments. Here are the top Vienna tourist places that you should not miss during your visit.

Top Vienna Tourist Places

1. Hofburg Palace

Vienna Tourist Places - Hofburg Palace

The Hofburg Imperial Palace is the official seat of the Austrian Head of State.The palace’s architecture reflects a range of architectural styles including Roccoco, Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance.

Today, the Imperial Palace houses the office of the President of Austria as well as an important congress center and numerous art collections.

2. Burggarten

Vienna Tourist Places - Burggarten

The Burggarten is a former palace garden, located near the Hofburg. Now it has become a public park with lots of statues and an elegant palm house. There are numerous monuments in the park, comprising a fountain with a statue portraying Hercules fighting with a lion.

Also there is one Eighteenth-century statue installed at the center of Burggarten’s pond in 1948. Also there is a magnificent glass palm house, located in the northern part of Burggarten.

3. Belvedere Complex

Vienna Tourist Places - Belvedere

Belvedere is a magnificent complex in Vienna. Here the two Baroque places face each other on a sloping hill. In between these two places, there is one formal French garden, statues, fountains, and cascades. Since 1779, this palace and garden here are open to the public.

This Museum of Austrian Primitive Art is contained in the Greenhouse of the Unteres Belvedere. Here collection comprised masterpieces of monument and panel-painting from the end of the 12th C. to the early 16th C., though there is some importance on 15th C. works.

4. Ringstrasse

Vienna Tourist Places - Ringstrasse

Ringstrasse is a road, which is slightly over 5km (3 miles) long. This is in the Vienna’s inner city, which was built by Emperor Franz Joseph in the mid-19th century.

There are many important buildings, palaces, museums, and stately homes located on both sides of this road. Some of the famous buildings here that you shouldn’t miss are the Natural History Museum, the State Opera, the Vienna Stock Exchange, and City Hall.

5. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Vienna Tourist Places - St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is also known as Stephansdom. This place is described in an array of superlatives, such as:

  • A top class tourist attraction
  • A moving place of worship
  • A world famous cultural heritage site and monument
  • A national emblem of Austria and the symbol of Austrian identity

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