Top 5 USA River Cruises That One Shouldn’t Miss

By on July 3, 2014

Exploring America!!? Make your viewing experience more fun and sweeter with on-shore activities on river cruises.

River cruising in USA gives you unique experience of America in close. So, get ready for the great on-board enjoyment along with aquatic highlights of USA.

River cruising is budget-friendly as well. Here are some of the USA River Cruises that will take you to the scenic waters in your next vacation.

Mississippi River Paddlewheel Cruises

USA River Cruises - Mississippi River Paddlewheel Cruises

Mississippi River Cruises is the great getaway to enjoy the natural beauty and breathtaking views of marine magnificent coastline of America’s Glory.

It is the best choice for holidaymakers to make their holiday most comfort and luxurious in new modern technology.

Guests are offered everything they would expect as a tourist in elegant manner. What are you waiting for…? Just discover the history of American culture!!

Columbia and Snake River Cruises

USA River Cruises - Columbia and Snake River Cruises

Cruise along deep gorges, waterfalls, forests and mountains and enjoy the beautiful history on 7-night voyage accommodating 120 passengers.

The main highlights of the cruise include traveling via eight dams, Hells Canyon on Snake River, Lewis and Clark historic wonders, countries finest wineries and many more.

Alaska Inside Passage Cruise

USA River Cruises - Alaska Inside Passage Cruise

Get the wonderful experience of inside of Alaska with Alaska Inside Passage Cruise. This cruise is too run by American Cruise Lines!! This is a 11 day cruise journey that starts from Seattle, and ends at Juneau in Alaska.

You can beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and beauty of glaciers during your cruise journey. Local music, games and Glass-enclosed dining are the on-board entertainment activities.

Fantasy Cruises

USA River Cruises - Fantasy Cruises

Enjoy the luxury travel experience with this small ship cruising. This 8-night cruise ship can accommodate 32 passengers sailing through southeast Alaska.

Get the glimpse of whales in close look, bears, eagles, seals and much other water wildlife. Additionally, ice fields and glaciers are the other big attractions on your way of sailing from Sitka to Petersburg.

Blount Small Ship Adventures

USA River Cruises - Blount Small Ship Adventures

The best part of this small ship cruises is that it is the only ship, which can travel through the spots where large, cannot travel. Therefore, you will get the adventurous views of shores and shallow waters.

You will get the opportunities to explore thousand Island and towns along Hudson River. It is best to cruise during September and October months.

This one of the USA river cruises offer cruise voyages from Chicago to New Orleans, on Michigan Lake, on Mississippi river, Rhode Island to New Brunswick , New York to Montreal, and many more.

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