Top 5 Things To Do In Tahiti French Polynesia

By on January 9, 2015

The ubiquitous and unique Tahiti island is world-famous for the Polynesian charm that it possesses and also because of its romantic ambiance and colorful culture.

Tahiti serves as a paradise for many and it holds similar attractions for different people irrespective of cultural and age differences. There is something to do for every individual visiting Tahiti.

Things To Do in Tahiti French Polynesia

Some of the best Things To Do In Tahiti French Polynesia include:

Shark Feeding

Things To Do In Tahiti French Polynesia - Shark Feeding

Shark feeding is one uncommon activity that you can enjoy in Tahiti. This is because the fact that the waters all around this French Polynesian island is are packed with toothy sharks.

The best spot for shark feeding in Tahiti is Rangiroa where you can stand in the shallow waters and catch a sight of the sharks gulping food from expert divers.

Scuba Diving

Things To Do In Tahiti French Polynesia - Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another activity that can be enjoyed in Tahiti. The water here is pollution free and crystal clear and this makes you see even the tiniest things under. Adults and even kids can enjoy diving especially with wonderful coral reefs and colorful fish.

Visiting the Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands

Things To Do In Tahiti French Polynesia - Museum of Tahiti

The Museum of Tahiti and her Islands does a very good job in educating its visitors about the wonderful archipelago. There are four sections in the museum focusing on natural history and geography, effects of colonization, natural wonders and pre-European culture.

Swimming with Stingrays and Sharks

Things To Do In Tahiti French Polynesia - Swimming with Sting Rays

This is an activity that can be enjoyed just in any other part of the world. At Tahiti, you can enjoy swimming with stingrays and sharks just 5 to 10 feet away and this will serve to be an experience of your entire life.

Visiting Fautaua Waterfall

Things To Do In Tahiti French Polynesia - Fautaua Waterfall

One of the best things to do in Tahiti French Polynesia is to visit the famous waterfalls of Tahiti Fautaua Waterfall. It is located in the Fautaua Valley of Tahiti. This waterfall look even more beautiful in rainy reason.

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