Top 5 Spots For Camping Near Austin Texas

By on October 17, 2014

Are you searching for spots for camping near Austin Texas? Then you are at the right place. Camping near some pretty divine bodies of water is not look gorgeous, but also refreshing for everyone. Also, here visitors will have several ways to enjoy the outdoors.

For people who want to really enjoy outdoors will a number of excellent spots to pitch a tent and can spend the night under stars.

Here are the best places for camping near Austin Texas

Krause Springs

Camping Near Austin Texas - Krause Springs

This location is termed as the most stunning swimming hole in Texas. It is 30 miles away to the west of Austin. This location contains 32 spring and spring-fed, man-made swimming pools.

These are privately owned by Krause family for more than 50 years. Once you visit the place, you will definitely feel it as a magical wonderland with very tall trees with exposed roots.

Hueco Tanks

Camping Near Austin Texas - Hueco Tanks

Hueco Tanks is a state park located just outside of the El Paso and is termed as a best destination for outdoor recreation in Lone Star State. This state park offers you various recreational activities like hiking, birding, hunting, rock climbing, nature watching, etc.

People who want to camp here should make reservations at least two days prior visiting. Also pictograph tours available by advanced request.

Buescher State Park

Camping Near Austin Texas - Buescher State Park

The park offers you many activities for campers like hiking, biking, fishing, nature watching, geocaching, etc. The park also includes about eight miles of mountain bike/trail riding along the pine trees and cedar elms. You will also get canoe and tandem-kayak rentals in the park.

It is a great place to take your family camping or even few days outing. There’s a road between Buescher and Bastrop that would be great to go in a bike. There are often programs offered such as geocaching workshops, guided hikes, night hikes, animal talks, etc.

Windy Point Park

Camping Near Austin Texas - Windy Point Park

Every year, more and more families and groups visit west of Austin to enjoy the attractive scenery and appealing clear waters of Lake Travis. Convenient to Austin, Windy Point Park is also a fun destination campground.

Camping under a tent is primitive style, but the groomed lawn and abundant shade trees help to make it feel civilized. Here you will find clean restrooms, dressing rooms and showers to give you much comfort.

McKinney Falls State Park

Camping Near Austin Texas - McKinney Falls State Park

Not only tent camping, here you will also find great RV park experience. You will have more fun with nature trails, bike riding and bone fine during the nights. Also it is affordable for every camper. Here the falls are truly amazing.

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