Top 5 Seville Spain Attractions You Must See

By on March 23, 2015

Seville is a lively mix of Mudejar, Gothic, Modern and Renaissance architecture and a visit to this city is sure to be memorable and unique. The city conjures up pictures of medieval lanes, orange blossoms, castles and sunny plazas.

Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain with a sunny and warm glow. This is a truly engaging city where it is very difficult for visitors to sit up still.

Seville Spain Attractions

Some of the best Seville Spain Attractions, which you should not miss are as follows:

Seville Cathedral

Seville Spain Attractions - Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral is also called The Giralda or Catedral de Sevilla and it has been constructed on the site of a famous 12th century mosque. The cathedral is at present, the biggest Gothic building worldwide.

The main entrance of this cathedral called the Gate of Pardon or PuertadelPerdon and the Patio de los Naranjos date back to the age of the Moors.

Maria Luisa Park (Parque de Maria Luisa)

Seville Spain Attractions - Maria Luisa Park

This park was one an integral part of the beautiful gardens of Palacio de San Telmo or Palace of San Telmo. The entire area has been redesigned and features benches made of colorful tiles representing the Spain provinces.

The best part of Maria Luisa Park, which you should not miss, is Plaza de Espana. This is a beautiful example of Spanish architecture.

Metropol Parasol

Seville Spain Attractions - Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol is located in the Old City district of Seville at Le Encarnacion square. This is the largest wooden structure found in the world and it has been designed by Jurgen Mayer Hermann, an architect from Germany.

The building has six huge structures made out of birch wood appearing in the shape of an umbrella.


Seville Spain Attractions - Alhambra

This is a place of dreams in Seville and is considered one of the best Seville Spain attractions. It is a palace and fortress complex located on Granada Island and has much to offer when it comes to culture. The architecture and decorations within the palace are simply wonderful.

Archive Of The Indies Or Alcazar

Seville Spain Attractions - Archive Of The Indies

Archive General de Indias is a palace or a fortress from the time of the first ruler or caliph of Andalucia called Abd Al- Rahman II. This fortress is still used as the official residence of Seville Spanish royal family.

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