Top 5 Saint Lucia Beaches

By on October 22, 2015

Each and every beach found on St. Lucia Island is a wonder of nature and is open to the visitors all throughout the year. The Saint Lucia beaches on the west side of the island feature turquoise waters and are considered perfect for water and swimming sports.

On the eastern side of the island, you will find wild yet beautiful beaches churning turbulent waters. The beaches on the western part are quite scenic and they can easily be explored by jeep or horseback. However, they are not perfect for swimming.

Top Saint Lucia Beaches

Some of the best Saint Lucia beaches to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean Sea water have been described below:

Reduit Beach

Saint Lucia Beaches - Reduit Beach

Photo Credits: Ron Burch

One of the common features that you will find in all the beaches at St. Lucia Island is that all of them are relatively short. However, with a five mile stretch of white sand on the Rodney bay, Reduit Beach comes as an exception. This is a beach considered perfect for long strolls and swimming in the calm waters.

Jalousie Beach

Saint Lucia Beaches - Jalousie Beach

Photo Credits: Ben Alman

Jalousie beach is all about clear waters, stunning setting and white sand. The beach is a favorite spot among people who are fond of sunbathing. Scuba divers and snorkelers visit this beach for adventure while it remains a popular holiday destination among holidaymakers.

Anse Chastanet

Saint Lucia Beaches - Anse Chastanet

Photo Credits: Dominique Attrell

This is probably one of the best Saint Lucia beaches offering divers and snorkelers many scopes of viewing the beautiful ocean. This beach is all about sea walls and coral reef with the natural black sand reflecting the volcanic derivations of the island.

Anse Cochon Beach

Saint Lucia Beaches - Anse Cochon Beach

Photo Credits: Annie McManus Thorne

Anse Cochon beach is located on the west side of Saint Lucia. This is a beautiful, magical and unspoiled beach filled with dark sand. You can enjoy the calm Caribbean water, and adjacent reef. This is one of the best places for swimming, diving, and snorkeling in Saint Lucia.

Pigeon Point Beach

Saint Lucia Beaches - Pigeon Point Beach

Photo Credits: mamajama9

Pigeon Point beach is one of the popular tourist attractions in Saint Lucia. This beach, which is perfect place for picnicking is filled with golden sand, and calm Caribbean water and endowed beautiful tropical trees. Apart from beach, this is also famous for the historical ruins fortress, barracks, etc.

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