Top 5 Russian River Cruises To Travel

By on September 5, 2015

A river cruise is considered one of the safest and the most comfortable ways of exploring a country. Russian River Cruises give you the scope of getting acquainted with the highlights of this country. Most voyages sail between St Petersburg and Moscow.

Russia is rich in its possession of mighty rivers and it also boasts of a very well-developed system of internal waterways. Most big cities in Russia like Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Perm and Kazan possess riverside stations.

Top Russian River Cruises

Some of the best Russian River Cruises to enjoy the scenic beauties of Russia while cruising are as follows:

Imperial Waterways Of Russia

Russian River Cruises - Imperial Waterways Of Russia

This is a 13 day river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg. This river cruise gives you the chance of experiencing the splendor and glory of Russia by making its way through the spectacular architecture, artistic treasures and imperial cities of Russia.

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Waterways To The Tsars

Russian River Cruises - Waterways To The Tsars

This is a monumental 13 day itinerary river cruise including multiple days in St. Petersburg and Moscow. On this trip, you will be able to view some of the best landmarks in Russia like Red Square and Moscow’s Kremlin along with Catherine Palace and Hermitage located in St. Petersburg.

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Kiev To The Black Sea

Russian River Cruises - Kiev To The Black Sea

This is an 11 day river cruise through Ukraine. It starts from Dnieper River in the ancient city called Kiev to the gigantic Black Sea. On this cruise, you can be a spectator to the influence of Ottomans, Cossacks and Byzantines. You also get the chance of admiring colorful onion-arched churches, riverside vistas and agrarian architecture.

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Volga Dream Gold

Russian River Cruises - Volga Dream Gold

This is yet another popular 13 day river cruise that starts from Moscow and ends at St. Petersburg. You can always choose this cruise if you are looking for an intimate experience. More than 100 guests are accommodated on the ship that takes you though some of the best attractions in both the cities.

For additional information: Volga Dream Gold

3-star + Russian River Cruise | St Petersburg to Moscow

Russian River Cruises - 3-star + Russian River Cruise

This is basically a river less travel from St. Petersburg to Moscow that lasts for 11 days. This cruise is a journey through beautiful lakes, waterways and canals of Russia including the pastoral countryside.

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