Top 5 Places To Travel For Christmas

By on December 18, 2014

Spending the New Year’s and the Christmas holiday weeks with friends and family is a very old tradition in the western world. However, there are others who look out for the alternatives or some other ways of spending these holidays.

There are hundreds of islands and countries with tropical climates throughout the world and they can serve as a very good holiday destination during Christmas.

They are also quite affordable and make for a very enjoyable tourist destination to spend the Christmas holidays.

Places To Travel For Christmas

The top 5 places to travel for Christmas are as follows:


Places To Travel For Christmas - Amsterdam

The Santa Claus legend is quite strong in Amsterdam which is the Dutch capital. At Amsterdam the 16th and the 17th century houses are decoratively strung with different lights during early December.

Lapland, Finland

Places To Travel For Christmas - Lapland, Finland

You can visit Lapland in Finland to have sight of the Urho Kekkonen National Park which is called the winter wonderland. You can even enjoy the sight of this firstly landscape by way of a reindeer-pulled sledge and go cross-country skiing through Saariselka trails.


Places To Travel For Christmas - Munich

Winter in this Bravarian capital generally means a Christmas tree which is hundred feet tall put up at Marienplatz. At Munich you will find more than two dozen Christmas markets selling gingerbread and mulled wine served on trams crossing the old city.


Places To Travel For Christmas - Prague

In Prague, you can enjoy strolling down the historic street called Nerudova in Mala Strana. This will give you an insight into the city’s Baroque and Gothic architecture. You can also enjoy a ballet or an opera at the National Theatre or State Opera.

Zurich, Switzerland

Places To Travel For Christmas - Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich in Switzerland is an Alpine city displaying 12000 crystal lights marking the beginning of the Christmas season on November 21. Explore the Ramistrasse galleries and enjoy the Conelli Christmas Circus in Zurich to get the best out of your Christmas holidays.

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