Top 5 Places To Stay In Vienna During Your Vacation

By on May 9, 2014

Are you planning to have a visit to the most incredible and beautiful city, Vienna? Deciding where to stay in Vienna really helps you making your trip enjoyable and comfortable.

As it is the well-developed city, it has many best options for you to stay in Vienna. Here is the list of places to stay in Vienna. Please take a look.

1. Hotel Imperial

Places To Stay In Vienna - Hotel Imperial

Discover the massive suits and top dining of this majestic palace situated on magnificent Ring Boulevard has to offer. It has opened its doors in 1863 and became the ‘Best of the Best’ hotel in Europe.

It shows the 19th century romance of Vienna with its spectacular crystal chandeliers, hand carved statues and pristine marbles. The sumptuous hotel has been renowned worldwide to offer you an impeccable service.

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