Top 5 Places To See In North Wales

By on August 27, 2015

North Wales is one of the most favorite tourist destinations for holiday enthusiasts. It is a place that is passionate about music, history and language with glorious castles, festivals and railways.

The scenic places to see in North Wales are absolutely stunning with tumbling rivers, fine beaches, lakes, mountains and of course the Snowdonia waterfalls. North Wales is more popular among travelers in comparison to Mid Wales. This is because of its tortuous road network.

Places To See In North Wales

Some of the best places to see in North Wales, you should not miss during your visit are as follows:

Bodnant Garden

Places To See In North Wales - Bodnant Garden

Bodnant Garden is located above River Conwy and it offers spectacular sights of the Snowdonian Mountains. The garden boasts of holding four National Plant Collections and is one of the finest gardens throughout the world.

Portmeirion Village

Places To See In North Wales - Portmeirion Village

Photo Credits: Stewart Lacey

This is a fairytale Italianate village located on the coast of Snowdonia and it features beautiful gardens, shops, restaurants, hotels and beaches. This village also features 70 acres of woodland walks and is used as a location for cult television series.

Anglesey Sea Zoo

Places To See In North Wales - Anglesey Sea Zoo

Photo Credits: Mick Broughton

The Anglesey Sea Zoo is the best place for you if you are anxious about the British seas and the different types of creatures found in these seas. You can always visit this sea zoo in order to get a sight of seahorses, sharks, lobsters, octopuses and various other British marine animals.

You can also get an idea about the conservation and the research work that is being carried out here for saving the sea animals.

Lake Vyrnwy

Places To See In North Wales - Lake Vyrnwy

Photo Credits: Dave Collier

It ranks among some of the best places to see in North Wales. This is a very beautiful lake possessing a sense of great tranquility providing water facility to the people living in Liverpool. It is a very peaceful spot which is surrounded by a nature reserve.


Places To See In North Wales - Conwy

Photo Credits: CJ Barr

This is a medieval town that is still authentic and it is mainly popular for the grand castle that is encompasses within its fold. You will also get the sight of splendid mountains from this town making it a place worth visiting while in North Wales.

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