Top 5 Places for Enjoying Halloween in USA

By on October 30, 2013

Halloween is a traditional festival celebrated every year on the night of 31st October that have been seen in many countries such as United states, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and slowly this culture has been influenced many parts of Europe.

This is originated from the ancient festival called “SAMHAIN”, usually celebrated after the harvest season in Gaelic culture. Belief is that on the night of 31stOctober the living and dead gets mingled together and deceased get their life back.

So the ancient Gaels fear about the damage they involved in to do. So to relive the ghost or evil spirits, many will be appeared wearing different costumes. To enjoy the Halloween at the best we offer you the top Halloween spots which are most likely to scare you.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans is the America’s most celebrated haunted spot, a scary place to get away. It is famous for Voodoo festival and also many mystic buildings can be seen in Bourbon Street in the French Quarter at night.

Halloween Places in USA - New Orleans

The entire city turns into a lot of lights, strange creatures with loud music played all over. Visit as much of parties and the haunted house to the extent to experience the unique Halloween Holiday.

2. Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Salem is known as one of the most celebrating Halloween places. Many cultural and traditional events played which made the town known as ‘Witch City.’ Salem’s best Halloween event is “Spirit of the Gables.”

Halloween Places in USA - Salem

Salem has a terrific Halloween past where several were hanged. So Salem is considered the scariest Halloween holiday place. Also get the brochures listing the tons of things to see and do in Salem during the month of October.

3. Transylvania

Transylvania is the historical place in the Romania where fresh mountain air from the steep mountain and the green landscaping makes the most natural environment. It is one of the world renowned destinations.

Halloween Places in USA - Transylvania

Horror movies, stories and the vampires are very famous in this scenic city where happened to celebrate a lot of traditional events.

The entire place turns to scenic place where various celebrations and events take place. Museums and Castle Dracula are the best to visit in Transylvania.

4. Greenwich Village, New York

It is the wonderful destination to celebrate Halloween as it got the annual Halloween parade along the street, a numerous number of people all together gather and perform dances, play music by wearing masks and costumes all along the street.

Halloween Places in USA - Greenwich Village

Live bands are the main highlight to the Halloween celebrations. After the sunset, the real fun starts as just the atmosphere turns into fabulous.

5. Key West, Florida

The annual Fantasy Fest is celebrated as the famous annual Halloween themed-parties in the world.

Halloween Places in USA - Key West

Most of the men and women get naked by having the paintings all over their body and in many cases they wear no costumes at all. In the night, all the celebrations begin here with a lot of fun and drinks which are at a cheap.

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