Top 5 Places For Celebrating Christmas In Australia

By on December 18, 2013

It’s summer when Christmas hits Australia. Most of the activities happen during summer in Australia, if you want to visit Australia, this is the best time. Australia looks beautiful in summer.

There are quite a few places you may want to visit in Australia, depending on what type of entertainment you are looking for.


It’s one of the popular cities in the World, which is famous for its infrastructure and beauty. Christmas is celebrated with great joy here with city streets being decorated with lights and festival themes. Christmas parade is famous here with lot of street activity.

Australia Christmas Destinations - Sydney

Lots of shopping set-up for Christmas, food courts with different cuisine’s around the world. Opera House is the major attraction in the city and it’s very well decorated for Christmas.


Melbourne is second largest city in Australia. Christmas is special here and celebrated in style. The annual customary Christmas Parade event is famous here where lots of dancers, music, Christmas theme dressing, Santa’s all over the streets, Christmas carols, shows and events.

Australia Christmas Destinations - Melbourne

Christmas bazaar is famous for special shopping; one can have a chance of tasting different food festivals. Great ocean drive is one event that you should not miss; it’s a great drive across the beach.

Gold Coast

Australia Christmas Destinations - Gold Coast

If you are looking for coastal entertainment, this is the best place. This is also called the Surfers paradise. Gold Coast is a major attraction in the eastern part of Australia for its beach life and snorkeling.


Tasmania is one of the beautiful places in Australia; it’s a small island which is enriched with natural beauty. Christmas will be celebrated from the second week of December till the New Year’s Eve.

Australia Christmas Destinations - Tasmania

The Hobart city will be alive during Christmas time, places to watch out would be Wellington Court and Elizabeth Mall. Christmas carols are sung across the city.

Orpheus Island

The Great Barrier Reef resort brings new definition to word “exclusive”, accessible by seaplane only which is free of instructions.

Australia Christmas Destinations - Orpheus Island

Private Bliss is guaranteed in this awesome natural paradise. It is located in its own National Park and offers many activities during Christmas season.

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