Top 5 Must To See Namibia Attractions

By on March 30, 2015

Namibia is an arid and rough land that is filled with contrasts but the place still manages to be easy and inviting to travel for its visitors.

Namibia is one of the most scarcely populated countries of the world offering the best destinations for those in love with grandiose landscapes, top-class wildlife adventures, spectacular sand dunes and nature.

Top Namibia Attractions

Have look at the top 5 Namibia attractions, which you should not miss during your visit.


Namibia Attractions - Kolmanskop

It is a ghost town in Namib Desert, which is located only a few kilometers from Luderitz, the port town of Namibia. Kolmanskop has been built in German architectural style with institutions and amenities including ballroom, casino, school, hospital and the very first tram in Africa.


Namibia Attractions - Twyfelfontein

This place is located towards the north-western part of Namibia and is famous for its large concentration of rock engravings in Africa. This place is listed in UNESCO world heritages sites.

The carvings found at this place are said to be created more than 6000 years ago. The carvings represent animals like ostriches, elephants and giraffes.

Skeleton Coast

Namibia Attractions - Skeleton Coast

This place in Namibia is located towards the Atlantic Ocean coast and it is famous as the biggest ship graveyard in the world. The most attractive spot at the Skeleton Coast is the north cost of Terrace Bay that is filled with high sand dunes.

Etosha National Park

Namibia Attractions - Etosha National Park

If you are on the look out of a wildlife destination in Namibia then Etosha National park is the best place for you.

The park accommodates the tallest elephants of Africa along with endangered rhino and other special of mammals. Visitors to this park can have the sight of lions, giraffes, leopards and rhinos.

Fish River Canyon

Namibia Attractions - Fish River Canyon

It is the largest canyon in Africa which is said to have formed 500 million years ago. Fish River Canyon is located towards southern Namibia and it is one of the best Namibia Attractions. Hiking can thoroughly be enjoyed at this place with spectacular sights of klipspringers, hyraxes and baboons.

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