Top 5 Mountain Bike Trails USA

By on December 12, 2014

When you love extreme adventure then you would love mountain biking which is nothing but riding a bike in tough terrain. There are many adventurous mountain bike trails USA.

These terrains are usually mountain terrains and the bikes are specially designed with durable features that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Mountain biking is very popular in USA and some of its popular trails are discussed below.

Mountain Bike Trails USA

Here are the top 5 mountain bike trails USA, where you would love to do mountain biking.

Moab in Utah

Mountain Bike Trails USA - Moab in Utah

One of the best mountain bike trails USA is Moab in Utah. When you visit this place, you can enjoy a variety of terrain and it is considered one of the best trails for mountain biking in this world. The Slickrock trail receives more than one million visitors each year.

After visiting Slickrock trail bikers also enjoy Amas Back and Sovereign areas. If you are new to mountain biking you can visit the Intrepid Trail system which is an easy trail to follow and enjoy.

Fruita in Colorado

Mountain Bike Trails USA - Fruita

If you are looking for high adventure thrills then you cannot ignore Fruita which is located in western area of Colorado Desert. Here you can view the Grand Valley basin by riding in the Book Cliffs area.

Here you would need to make a descent of 2000 steep feet and this is for the serious mountain bikers. If you are in intermediate biker then you can visit the Kokopelli Trails.

If you are just beginning you should not lose your heart as you can enjoy the natural landscape of Fruita along with its eighteen road trails.

Asheville in North Carolina

Mountain Bike Trails USA - Asheville

Next in the list of wonderful mountain bike trails USA is Asheville. It is located between Appalachian Mountains and the Blue Ridge. However the real thrill is around the western area of North Carolina Mountains.

Pisgah Mountains is an area which is known for its beautiful superior mountain biking trails which has waterfalls and meadows in it. There is also the DuPont State which is characterized by its red clay soil.

East Burke in Vermont

Mountain Bike Trails USA - East Burke

You would reach East Burke within a few hours of travel from Montreal and Burlington. When visiting the area you would enjoy riding along its mountain bike trails which is non-motorized in nature.

East Burke is filled with picturesque scenery and a well maintained terrain which is loved by most bikers who visit it from around the world.

In the biking trails you would find different markings which would indicate the different mountain biking levels to the bikers. This helps the bikers and prevents any exigencies from occurring.

Park City in Utah

Mountain Bike Trails USA - Park City

Park City is 8000 feet above the sea and offers breathtaking scenery. The popular Mid Mountain trail offers the mountain bikers both up and down terrain which is around 3000 feet. This trail starts from Silver lake and goes up to mid mountain area.

This is one trail which would get your adrenal pumping in no time and you would enjoy the experience immensely.

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