Top 5 Manhattan Penthouse Suites To Enjoy The City View

By on March 21, 2015

Estates and mansions with acres of beautiful land look very cool but when it comes to penthouses, they look simply fascinating.

Manhattan Penthouse Suites are not only beautiful but they are also luxurious and comfortable offering the best vacationing experience to individuals. They are a bit expensive but they have almost everything required or a delightful stay.

Manhattan Penthouse Suites

Some of the top Manhattan penthouse suites, where you can have a magnificent view of Manhattan have been illustrated below:

Royalton New York

Manhattan Penthouse Suites - Royalton

Royalton is an exclusive residential hotel, which has got one of the best penthouse suites in Manhattan. It is located at 44 West 44th Street, which is just east to Time Square. From this penthouse you can you can have a stunning view of midtown Manhattan.

You can enjoy spacious bedroom, living room and separate sitting room. This mirror tiles bathroom is simply awesome, and of course it is also a wonderful experience while sitting at the custom slate mantels fireplace.

For Further Information: Royalton New York

Trump SoHo New York

Manhattan Penthouse Suites - Trump SoHo

Trump SoHo is one of the popular hotels in Manhattan, New York. It is located on 246, Spring Street, Manhattan, New York. This is 46 Floor hotels, with the penthouse on the top floor providing the beautiful view of city through its floor to ceiling window.

You can enjoy the view of midtown Manhattan, Hudson River, the Empire State Building, downtown or the East River bridges. It has a spacious bedroom and living room. And the marble bathroom has the floating soaking tubs.

For Further Information: Trump SoHo New York

Four Seasons New York

Manhattan Penthouse Suites - Four Seasons

The penthouse suite in Four Seasons is known by the name Ty Warner Penthouse is one of the best Manhattan penthouse suites. It is the known for being the tallest hotel suite in New York. It is located 57 E 57th Street, Midtown Manhattan, New York.

This penthouse provides a magnificent view from all directions of Manhattan from the four glass balconies. This luxurious penthouse with distinctive artwork has supremely spacious rooms that have cathedral ceilings, diamond skylines, and the magnificent windows that are spread from floor to ceiling.
For Further Information: Four Seasons

The Pierre

Manhattan Penthouse Suites - The Pierre

This is one of the best Manhattan penthouse suites showcasing modernized architecture and maintaining a classic and luxurious feel dating back to the 1930s. The penthouse comprises of three floors and has 16 grand rooms along with a very luxurious living room.

For further information: The Pierre

The Manhattan Club

Manhattan Penthouse Suites - The Manhattan Club

The Manhattan Club is at a prime location in the city and it offers the best of almost everything available in Manhattan. The suites here are spacious and quiet while the staff is attentive and cooperative.

The lounge of this penthouse suite in Manhattan is a very good place for post and pre dinner cocktails. The amenities available showcase good quality and this is one penthouse that can be used for a great stay.

For further information: The Manhattan Club

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