Top 5 Interesting Places In Chile To Visit

By on December 5, 2014

Did you know that Chile is the only country in South America that does not share a border area with Brazil?

Chile also has a coastline which is more than 4000 km long and thus some people consider it to be the longest country among other countries in the world. Chile has beautiful scenic nature and this makes tourists visit it throughout the year.

Interest Places in Chile To Visit

Some of the interesting places in Chile that you cannot miss out are explained below.

Easter Island

Interesting Places In Chile - Easter Island

One of the popular and interesting places in Chile, which you should not miss, is Easter Island, even though they are located in the isolated areas of the south-eastern Pacific Ocean. You would need to take a flight from Santiago to Easter Island.

You must have seen the grand statues of Easter islands which were made by the Rapanui people and they called these statues Moai.

What is mysterious is the fact these people stopped making Moai suddenly and you can see many statues which were not completed lying in the ground. If you enjoy surfing and diving this is a vacation post which cannot be ignored.

Lauca National Park

Interesting Places In Chile - Lauca National Park

The Lauca National Park is a popular tourist vacation and is located on the Andes mountain ranges. Lago Chungará is a beautiful lake which is considered one of the highest lakes in the world and has the Volcán Parinacota and the Volcán Pomerape hovering over it.


Interesting Places In Chile - Pucon

If you are looking to visit a traditional town in Chile then you must visit Pucon. Pucon is located near the center of the southern Lake District.

If you love water sports you can enjoy water skiing, white water rafting and riding a horse. If you love adventure then you can also climb the Villarrica volcano.

Torres del Paine National Park

Interesting Places In Chile - Torres del Paine National Park

If you want to come close to nature and enjoy its magnificent beauty, then you must visit the Torres del Paine. This national park has glaciers, lakes and mountains.

Here you would be amazed by the beauty of three Towers of Paine which is created by the natural forces of glaciers. The highest peak is around 8200 feet.

Valle de la Luna

Interesting Places In Chile - Valle de la Luna

If you want to understand how natural forces of our planet have shaped this Earth, then when visiting Chile visit Valle de la Luna.

The beautiful Atacama Desert landscape would take your breath away and the sand dunes there are quite similar to the surface which is found on the moon. When you translate Valle de la Luna it means “Valley of the Moon”.

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