Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Cincinnati Ohio

By on November 4, 2015

Cincinnati is a city located on the north bank of Ohio River and is surrounded by hills on all its sides. It is called the “Pearl of the West” and even the “Queen City” because of its beautiful situation.

At present, it is one of the largest industrial cities in the world possessing a wide assortment of recreational and cultural facilities.

Top Fun Things To Do In Cincinnati

There are number of fun things to do in Cincinnati Ohio but the best among them all have been illustrated below:

Fun Things To Do In Cincinnati

Taking A Ride On A Roller Coaster At Kings Island

Kings Island is a very famous amusement park in Cincinnati that provides its guests thrilling and wonderful roller coasters for almost all ages. It has also got the largest dinosaur park in the world which is called Dinosaur Alive.

Visiting the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

You can take your kids to get up close and even personal with more than 300 plant species and 500 animals. If you are looking forward to taking your entire family for a wildlife adventure, Cincinnati Zoo is the perfect place for you to choose.

Visiting The Cincinnati Art Museum

Visiting the Cincinnati Art Museum is definitely one of the top fun things to do in Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Art Museum is one of the most prestigious and beautiful art museums possessing more than 100,000 art works. These art works contain around 5000 years of painting, sculptures, decorative arts, special exhibitions from all corners of world.

Cruising The Ohio River On BB Riverboats

Enjoy the beautiful sightseeing of Cincinnati along the Ohio River on BB Riverboats. You can have a wonderful view of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky along with lunch or dinner or just sightseeing tour on Mark Twain, Belle Of Cincinnati, or On River Queen boats.

Cheering The Cincinnati Reds

One of the best and the most entertaining things to do in Cincinnati is cheering the Cincinnati Reds competing for the national title. You can watch the Cincinnati Reds from Great American Ball Park where you get the option of grabbing some of the best baseball foods like cotton candy, hotdogs and popcorn.

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