Top 5 Europe Summer Holiday Destinations You Should Visit

By on April 22, 2015

Europe is not as large as Asia but size does not matter when it comes to choosing the best Europe summer holiday destinations.

The summer holiday destinations of Europe are simply amazing. This is the reason why Europe is successfully in pulling thousands of visitors during the summer season.

Top Europe Summer Holiday Destinations

Europe has always been popular for Europe summer holiday detonations and some of the most well-known ones include:

Porto & Douro Valley

Europe Summer Holiday Destinations - Porto & Douro Valley

This is a great value summer holiday destination in Europe because of its lively and vibrant culture. This is a city featuring huge museums, new restaurants and historic port wine lodges.

It is a picaresque region covered with steep terraced hillsides covered with vineyards. Day-trippers at this place can enjoy lovely train rides and river cruises.

Northern Iceland

Europe Summer Holiday Destinations - Northern Iceland

This is one of the most affordable Europe summer holiday destinations. This is a place of wild charms and hot springs. There is also no shortage of towering waterfalls, lava fields and dramatic geysers in Iceland.

Sardinia, Italy

Europe Summer Holiday Destinations - Sardinia

Sardinia is a Mediterranean island and it is one of the most favorite summer holiday destinations for tourists in Europe. This is because of its culinary scene, historical monuments and stunning beaches. Visitors can also take a boat ride for visiting the gorgeous outlying islands and coves in Sardinia.

Barcelona, Spain

Europe Summer Holiday Destinations - Barcelona

Barcelona in Spain possesses cosmopolitan atmosphere, sunny beaches, raucous nightlife and rich artistic and historic heritage. Many people visit Barcelona during their summer holidays for the sun and sangria.

Apart from this, there are some amazing tourist destinations that can be visited during the summer holidays.

Algarve, Portugal

Europe Summer Holiday Destinations - Algarve

This region in south Portugal possesses the most wonderful coastline in Europe. It is also one of the most affordable summer holiday destinations of Europe.

The real treasure of this place is long miles of beautiful seaside cliffs, hidden beaches shining underwater caves and spectacular grottoes.

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