Top 5 Canberra Places To Visit During Your Vacation

By on May 9, 2015

Canberra is Australia’s capital and even the eighth largest city in Australia. It is also the largest inland city in Australia with a population of more than 345,000.

The design of the city of Canberra is influenced by garden city movement incorporating certain specific areas consisting of natural vegetation. These are the areas that have earned the “bush capital” title.

Top Canberra Places To Visit

Here are some of the top Canberra places to visit during your vacation to Canberra:

Australian War Memorial

Canberra Places To Visit - Australian War Memorial

It is the national memorial of Australia to all the members of supporting organizations and armed forces who have participated or died in Australia Commonwealth wars. This memorial even includes a national military museum. It gets you indulged in the history of Australian wars.

Parliament House

Canberra Places To Visit - Parliament House

This is one of the most complicated buildings located in the center and the southern hemisphere of Australian politics. It serves as the meeting facility of Australia’s Parliament.

However, there are specific time frames that you need to follow in order to visit the parliament House in Canberra.

National Zoo And Aquarium

Canberra Places To Visit - National Zoo And Aquarium

It is a combined aquarium and zoo in Australia and the only one as well. This attraction is Australia covers approximately 7 hectares and lies just 5 minutes from Canberra. Both the aquarium and the zoo consist of wild varieties of exotic and native animals.

Floriade – Commonwealth Park

Canberra Places To Visit - Floriade

If you want to witness the expanse of more than one millions tulips and various other flowers then Floriade Commonwealth Park is the best place for you. You not only get to see the beautiful bed of flowers but even good music, comedy, dance and performances.

Australian Institute Of Sport

Canberra Places To Visit - Australian Institute Of Sport

You can visit the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra to get up very close to elite athletes, cyclists, swimmers and gymnasts.

The institute offers daily tours to visitors along with facilities like 50 meter swimming pool, fully-equipped gym and tennis court. These are undoubtedly some of the best Canberra places to visit.

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