Top 5 Camping Sites in England

By on November 15, 2013

Camping is an outdoor activity where the campers go out and enjoy the nature beauty with food, basic shelter, games, meeting for fun or pleasure.

Usually a group of people plan for recreation and choose a spot far from the town such as beach, hill, mountain, next to a river, waterfall, etc.

It is good to explore finest places to get sit by the campfire and have a good time with friends or family members. There are plenty of campsites where campers spend a memorable time every year.

These are the top campsites located in England.

Rivendale Holiday Park, Derbyshire

Camping Sites in England - Rivendale Holiday Park

One of the best parks located in Derbyshire, Park District. There is space for motorhomes and caravans and fishing in lake is very trending here. It is also famous for outdoor hot tub.

Yew Tree Park

Camping Sites in England - Yew Tree Park

Yew Tree Park is located in Kent’s, 4.5 miles to the south of Canterbury. There is a children’s play area and the heated swimming pool in the middle of the park is very attractive.

De Etchingham Sussex

Camping Sites in England - De Etchingham Sussex

This is the very classy place where we can find the designs over 40-50 years back. It is surrounded by wildflowers and even the chairs and tables get the attention. An outdoor shower and the pubs are also available.

Compton Farm, Isle Of Wight

Compton farm is one the best family campsites for more than three decades. Kids have a great time here; a lot of entertainment is here as they play old tractors.

Camping Sites in England - Compton Farm

Also the collection of fresh laid eggs has become a very popular. There is a shallow sandy beach nearby with fine laundry.

Theobald Park

Camping Sites in England - Theobald Park

Theobald Park is 14 acres of woodland with open camp area. It is located very near to London i.e., 13miles away. It has got many attractions with good walking area, fishing, also a great place for bird view. Many exhibition centers are located here.

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