Top 5 Best Things To Do In Anguilla

By on November 8, 2013

Anguilla, amazing island of nation located in Caribbean Sea and best tourism destination in the surrounding area. Anguilla is beautiful and popular with its so many attractions, restaurants and beaches.

There are so many things to do in Anguilla like classic not to miss visits, local haunts and hot spots. Here we have compiled few of the things to do in Anguilla to help visitors to discover local and authentic experiences.

Rendezvous Bay

Many of the tourists who visited Anguilla say Rendezvous Bay is worth enough to visit. It is a two-mile slice of paradise with calm waters for even swimmers who are with less confidence.

Things To Do In Anguilla - Rendezvous Bay

This is an idyllic retreat for tourists who wish to enjoy their vacation with lots of fun and excitement. Entry to rendezvous bay is free and easy to have fun any day of the week. Every march, this south western beach hosts the Moon Splash Music Festival.

Dune Preserve

It was built in 1994 by famous musician Bankie Banx. Pieces of shipwrecked boats and washed up drift wood were used in the construction of dune preserve. It is the site where one can find or enjoy the live music performances by Kevin Bacon and Jimmy Buffett.

Things To Do In Anguilla - Dune Preserve

This is the only one beach bar all over the world where one can run into a former pirate, a former president and a former Wall Street bigwig in the same day. Dune Rum Punch is said to be as its signature drink.

Swim with Dolphins

Blowing point beach offers you the chance to swim with dolphins or a session where anyone can get a handshake, hug and even a kiss from some of the dolphins which are friendly marine mammals.

Things To Do In Anguilla - Swim with Dolphins

Adults are charged around $100 and children could get discounts on it. You can add such royal treatment and rare experiences to your trip.

Island Harbor

There are still some places like island harbor where you can find old Anguilla. Island harbor is located on island’s west end, which is known for traditional fishing village. You can experience the local culture by walking through the village beaches and seeing fishermen bringing in day’s catch.

Things To Do In Anguilla - Island Harbor

Stay at villas or room at Arawak beach inn if you wish to have a local flavor in your vacation. It acts like home for Anguilla’s annual celebrations of fishing culture and island’s boating called Easter festival Del Mar.

Things To Do In Anguilla – Sandy Ground

It is a working class harbor which is fenced with several restaurants and beautiful beaches. It also includes sunsets, Johnno’s, ripples, the pump house, Roy’s Bayside Grill, Reggae Reef and Barrel stay. Sandy ground is excellent and amazing for anchoring.

Things To Do In Anguilla - Sandy Ground

This beach is likely to have dogs and local kids running on it more than vacationers. This is also a home for divers where they can find best diving outfit on the island. It is a public beach which opens every day but if you want to enjoy jazz wafting from johnno’s, Sunday is preferable to visit.

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