Top 5 Autumn Honeymoon Destinations In The World

By on October 15, 2014

Want to have the autumn wedding instead of routine summer weddings? You have taken the right decision as June is very busy for weddings and the prices will also be higher. Don’t worry… the weather will be still wonderful and you can feel the romance in the air.

Just spend few minutes of time to explore the autumn honeymoon destinations as fall is the off season, you will get the deal within reasonable price. Here are the top autumn honeymoon destinations that you should look for:


Autumn Honeymoon Destinations - Vermont

This is a wonderful state where you can see beautiful autumn colors on the trees. This place is a best start for honeymooners. Here there are some wonderful sights that you can enjoy a lot.

There are many local farms from where you can pick your favorite produce from the trees and gardens. You can enjoy the dinner at the mountain edge by watching the wonderful sunset.

The cool, crisp autumn air will rejuvenate you to go for a hike to enjoy the wonderful green mountains. Go for some shopping to have fun of the world’s best maple syrup and some apple cider.


Autumn Honeymoon Destinations - Paris

One of the most popular autumn honeymoon destinations is Paris. Nothing will be more romantic as spending your honeymoon in Paris.

Yes… Paris during fall is particularly nice as there will be fewer crowds and affordable prices. You will find many cultural pursuits in Paris like world-class museums, finest restaurants, bakeries and many swoon-worthy sights.

Tuscany, Italy

Autumn Honeymoon Destinations - Tuscany

Fall is really a perfect time to visit Tuscany. During the month of October, there will be fewer crowds giving more time to explore the things in detail and enjoy the beautiful part of Italy. Also it is a wonderful place for food lovers and even wine lovers can enjoy a lot here.

Napa Valley California

Autumn Honeymoon Destinations - Napa Valley

One of the most loved autumn honeymoon destinations is Napa Valley California. Here you will find great little romantic places to stay and you will add many memorable things to your life. Here autumn is the time for farmer’s market, wine tasting and even hot air ballooning.

This location is also a home to some of the country’s most renowned restaurants. Couples who want great relaxation can pamper themselves in vino-themed restaurants at many popular spas.

ABC Islands

Autumn Honeymoon Destinations - ABC Islands

New couples who want to enjoy the wonderful 80 degrees warm weather will definitely fall in love with ABC Islands. These islands are located near Venezuela.

They are completely storm free and are perfect autumn honeymoon destinations for any couple. You can enjoy the diving experience in crystal clear waters and can relax at the beach coast.

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