Top 5 Asia River Cruises You Must Go Cruising

By on May 8, 2015

Asia has a lot to offer in terms of architecture, modern cities and riverside landscapes. Asia river cruises come as an unforgettable experience for cruisers.

Visitors, from there intimate river cruise ships get the chance of sailing past beautiful scenery, enjoy delicious cuisine, meet friendly and fascinating people and visit destinations which are modern and boast of a rich historical past.

Top Asia River Cruises

Here are the top Asia river cruises, in which you must travel to see the scenic beauty of Asia.

Thailand River Cruises

Asia River Cruises - Thailand

River cruising in Thailand is one of the best Asia river cruises. Particularly cruising in Bangkok along Chao Phraya River during night is one of the most popular river cruises in Thailand. You can have wonderful night view of Bangkok.

Popular attractions you can enjoy while cruising in Bangkok are the beautiful temples of Bangkok, ancient capital of Ayutthaya, and the Grand Palace.

India – 22 Cabin Rajmahal Cruise At Varanasi

Asia River Cruises - India

Varanasi is a holy water passage in the world. The Assam Bengal Navigation Company has a new boat operating at Varanasi.

This cruise ship cruises up the middle of Ganges channel ending its journey, around ten miles beyond Varanasi. The cruising season is very short from August to September.

China – River Cruise from Beijing to Shanghai

Asia River Cruises - China

This cruise serves as your best option of exploring the cradle of culture in China through Yangtze River. On this cruise, you get the chance of seeing the various wonders of Xian, the Three Gorges, Shanghai and Beijing.

Vietnam – Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City

Asia River Cruises - Vietnam

This is a fifteen days cruise trip offering the cruisers the opportunity of exploring the culturally distinctive and stunningly scenic lands lying along Mekong River.

Cruisers also get the chance of experiencing the charm of the old city of Hanoi along with the rich history and the natural beauty of Mekong.

Myanmar River Cruises

Asia River Cruises - Myanmar

This is one of the most exotic Asia river cruises that brings you face to face with the mystical wonders and the rich history of Myanmar.

You will find spiritual and natural beauty everywhere, which includes mythical rivers, beautiful forests and ancient pagodas while river cruising the Irrawaddy River.

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