Top 12 Unsafe Places, Which You Should Avoid Visiting

By on November 7, 2013

In this World there are worst places along with beautiful and safe places to visit. Many of the places are beautiful to travel but also we can find some places in respective countries which are unsafe to visit or enjoy.

Few of them are the war zone countries located in Asia like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are very dangerous to visit, especially US visitors.


Unsafe Places to Visit - Iran

In Iraq many civilians are killed, often hear the news on bombing via suicide or using a vehicle once a week or so. Afghanistan has high assassination & kidnapping rate of the visitors, Pakistan always in conflicts politically and street bombing very often. Hence, traveling to these places is avoided as it is unsafe for your lives too.


Unsafe Places to Visit - Somalia

Somalia is known for its poverty. People attacks on relief staff and journalists, lots of ransom activity by local people are the main reasons why it is the unsafe place to visit.

Papua New Guinea

Unsafe Places to Visit - Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has got most murder rate in the world, robberies showing arms and car-jacking are common. Therefore tourists should be very careful while your stay at this place as they are the easy targets for criminals.


Unsafe Places to Visit - Colombia

Colombia has reputation for high crime rate in a violent way; it has many cases registered on kidnapping tourist, rapes, mugging etc. Hence, foreign tourists are at higher risk while traveling in this place.


Unsafe Places to Visit - Sudan

Sudan located in North part of Africa is rich in diseases; most of them are communicable diseases. Few of the diseases like Ebola, Malaria are very common in this country. Also Guinea Worm is widely spread across Sudan and one in eighty people have this worm in their body.


Unsafe Places to Visit - Burundi

Burundi is one such place where criminals in groups attack people for money. Besides, car-jacking, vehicle attacks are very common in this place. Tourists must take safety measures to avoid attacks by the local criminals.


Unsafe Places to Visit - Russia

Few places in Russia like North Ossetia & Dagestan are dangerous which are known for ransom kidnap, terrorist attacks on famous buildings, hotels etc. Hence it falls under unsafe place to visit. Avoiding these places keeps you safe.


Unsafe Places to Visit - Haiti

Haiti is a country where there is very less police force and mostly run by criminals. This is where the country suffers from violence. Even the tourists have to face many problems by the local criminals hence avoid visiting Haiti.


Unsafe Places to Visit - Liberia

Liberia known for its night crimes like murder, robbery, sexual assaults all those rock the country. This is the place which should be avoided for family trips as it is unsafe for women.

South-East Asian Countries

Unsafe Places to Visit - South-East Asian Countries

Some of the south-east Asian countries suffer from natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and tycoons. Natural disasters or calamities will happen unknowingly and all of a sudden. Better not to visit as it is unsafe.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Unsafe Places to Visit - Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo has reputed for its beauty but also known for crimes and can be dangerous for visiting.


Unsafe Places to Visit - Australia

Australia is known for poisonous snakes, spiders and also has some dangerous sea creatures. While visiting, take some safety measures to enjoy the trip.

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