Things to Know Before Travelling To Saudi Arabia

By on December 26, 2013

Everyone knows Saudi Arabia is well developed economically and has good infrastructure. It has very high temperatures during the day time as it is located in tropical region.

Though it is a conservative country, people across the world come here for work and also to earn more. Here are things that need to know before traveling to Saudi Arabia.

  • Unlike other countries, workings days in Saudi Arabia are from Saturday to Wednesday. Most of the people confuse about this work week and need to get used to it.
    Saudi Arabia - Things to Know Before
  • The principles of Islamic Law are the guiding rules for the government.
  • Women are not permitted to drive and to travel alone.
  • Any form of alcohol is prohibited strictly.
  • Men and women are not allowed to move socially in public places unless they are wife and husband or family members.
  • The neighboring country Bahrain is the only place, where you can find movie theaters and alcohol. Men and women meet is strictly unsupervised.
  • It is been traditional that women use veils to cover their hair and masks usually called “Hijab” to cover their faces.
  • Saudi Arabia has large amount of petroleum reserves under it; almost one-quarter of world’s petroleum are believed to be reserved here.
  • Every resident should carry IQAMA Id card with them.
  • Ramadan is holy holiday in Saudi. Every Muslim from sunrise to sunset is prepared to fasting and they eat only after sunsets.
  • Everyone should be aware of the hot climatic conditions in Saudi. Usually it reaches 40 degrees centigrade at day time.
  • For a woman to leave the country to relocate or study or to marry, they need to get permission from the male head of the family.
  • Women are not allowed to travel alone but the father or husband must accompany or give signed permission.
  • Non-Muslims are not allowed to worship other Gods or carry bibles in public.

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