Things To Do In Zakynthos Island, Greece

By on January 29, 2014

Planning to Visit Zakynthos Island? Whether you travel in spring, winter or fall, this article makes it simple to find the best attractions and endless Zachynthos travel ideas for any season.

With this leaflet, you can explore wonderful local things to do as well as famous tourism spots in Zakynthos Island. Let us have a look!

Sunset at Shiza

Things To Do In Zakynthos Island - Shiza

It is worth to visit small picturesque village of Kampi and just follow a steep drive to top of hill where you will find a big cross memorial stands. Once, you are at the top of the hill you can find yourself some 300 meters standing high above the sea level.

It is important to get there before sunset to have a good witness of the spot and enjoy the sun’s magical slow descent in the early evening sky into transformative seascape and even beautiful color formations.


About 25km away from Zakynthos, you will find a small village called Anafonitria located near Volimes. It is hosting amazing 15th century Byzantine monastery built in honor of Virgin Mary.

Things To Do In Zakynthos Island - Anafonitria

It is said that the patron saint of Zakynthos, AgiosDionysioshad been lived last years of his life as a monk. You will also find traditional tavernas and local products like honey, cheese, olive oil, crafts and wine hand made by local people.


Keri is the traditional village located 21km south west of Zakynthos Town. It is a quiet and beautiful village that preserves strong traditional constructions like stone built houses and contracted roads.

Things To Do In Zakynthos Island - Keri

The central square is the most charming attraction of the village where you will enjoy superb sightseeing views of Lonian Sea. Don’t forget to visit Keri caves, which is an awesome place to visit.


Navagio is one the most popular tourist attractions of Zakynthos. It is located on the coasts of Zakynthos. It is also referred by the name “Smugglers Cove.”

Things To Do In Zakynthos Island - Navagio

This beach is covered with beautiful white sand, making is the most stunning attraction of Zakythos. On these beautiful white sands, you can find the picturesque shipwreck of the smuggler ship known as Panagiotis.

Zakynthos Town

The main harbor and capital of Zakynthos is known as Zakynthos Town. It has a huge population and unique architecture inclined by Venetians, the English and French who colonized the Island.

Things To Do In Zakynthos Island - Zakynthos Town

Church of Agios Nikolas of Molos is another interesting church in the town which is still remained even after an attack of earthquake. The view of Zakynthos Town and even its surroundings from this stunning spot is astonishing.

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