Top 5 Spots for Sightseeing in Johannesburg South Africa

By on November 4, 2014

Johannesburg is the second largest city of South Africa, with more than 3 million people living over there. It offers the visitors a unique experience and diversity.

Whether you are on your business trip, an adrenaline rush, in search of cultural encounter, or simply to relax or unwind for few days, Johannesburg has plenty to offer you.

Have a look at top places for sightseeing in Johannesburg South Africa, which you should not miss during your visit.

Top Spots for Sightseeing in Johannesburg South Africa:

1. Apartheid Museum

Sightseeing in Johannesburg South Africa - Apartheid Museum

This museum illustrates the rise and fall of South Africa’s age of separation and persecution. This is a must-visit location of Johannesburg.

This museum makes use of text, film, live and audio accounts to give the chilling insight of the architectural and implementation of apartheid system and also the inspiring accounts of struggle for democracy.

2. Mary Fitzgerald Square

Sightseeing in Johannesburg South Africa - Mary Fitzgerald Square

It was named after South Africa’s first female trade unionist. It is a great location to start your trip to central Johannesburg. Also this is a famous staging ground for various annual events performed here.

Also it is a famous place for people to watch at one of the area’s cafes. Here you will see one bronze sculpture honoring Brenda Fassie, which is one of the country’s most popular musicians.

3. Hillbrow Tower

Sightseeing in Johannesburg South Africa - Hillbrow Tower

It is the symbol of Johannesburg and one of the tallest towers of Africa. This tower almost dominates the skyline and visible to the visitors of Johannesburg even they are far away to the city itself.

Also it is a honor to the tower’s representational power that it has been integrated into the city’s official logo. Although the Hillbrow Tower was a very popular attraction for both the foreigners and locals, the building was unfortunately closed to the public in 1981, due to civil unrest.

4. National Zoological Garden

Sightseeing in Johannesburg South Africa - National Zoological Garden

National Zoological Gardens is considered as one of the best zoos of the world and it is spread over 200 acres with over 9000 animals from each continent.

The animal enclosures in this zoo are much longer when compared to many other zoos. This zoo also includes a reptile park and an aquarium, where the king crocodiles and many snakes don’t fail to threaten.

5. Gold Reef City

Sightseeing in Johannesburg South Africa - Gold Reef City

It is located at just 8 kilometers from Johannesburg, where people comes to play, relax and much more. Visitors will have great experience through the world class facilities like indulging in a modern restaurant, watching a show in the theater, exciting games, experiencing the thrill of the rides or a 4D movie.

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