Super-Hot Spots For Scuba Diving In Europe

By on January 1, 2014

Looking for perfect places for scuba diving across the world? How about the scuba diving in an underwater world with plenty of coast line and crystal clear waters?

Yes, Europe is offering best chances for scuba diving that is a great way to witness the life beneath the surface. Below are few of super-hot scuba diving spots around Europe that you should consider.

Santorini Greek Islands

Santorini is the fabulous place surrounded with Mediterranean Sea that offers warm and crystal clear waters to enjoy scuba diving to escape this winter.

Scuba Diving In Europe - Santorini

It provides ultimate experience for your introduction of underwater world with plenty of fish varieties in colorful coral reefs and interesting rock formations. Red snapper and Barracuda are must-see spots for scuba diving.

Larnaca, Cyprus

Many consider Larnaca as home of best Zenobia, shipwreck in the world. It is the perfect and must visit place for experienced as well as beginners.

Scuba Diving In Europe - Larnaca

During summer and spring, the stunning wreck typically goes as deep as 42m and you have to dive at the 178m long to enjoy the wonderful experience of its size. The spot includes stunning swim-through places.


Malta is another great base for enthusiasts and keen divers. You can find several unique diving opportunities and a crashed WWII bomber to wreck. It is the place surrounded with rock faces on three sides makes it ideal for scuba diving.

Scuba Diving In Europe - Malta

Punta Omo Morto, Ustica, Italy

This is a fantastic dive spot which is always tranquil because of its sheltered location. It is a great dive site for mixed groups who wishes to witness plenty of wildlife.

Scuba Diving In Europe - Ustica

You will get an opportunity to spot huge conger eels and also shrimps. It will be a best alternative dive if irregular and rough weathers prevent diving on other sites around Ustica.

Medes Islands, Spain

If you want to experience a relaxing and fun scuba dive, this place is definitely to be. This premier island’s seven islets are located in northwest part of Mediterranean Sea.

Scuba Diving In Europe - Medes Islands

Traveling to Medas Islands, you can find much diverse and untouched marine beauty and perfect place to wreck during summer.

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