5 Best Rock Climbing Spots In New Zealand

By on January 23, 2014

Now-a-days Rock Climbing has become a demanding sport adventure. New Zealand has few of the best rock climbing opportunities around the globe as well as great selection of opportunities for rock climbing. Here are some best mountain ranges to step over the edge in New Zealand.

Southern Alps

Southern Alps are amazing and perfect spot for beginners who desire to challenge themselves so that they become perfect for further more demanding climbs. It is an excellent place for those who are wishing to progress quickly and to improve the mountaineering skills.

New Zealand Rock Climbing - Southern Alps


Taupo is a most popular tourist choice of rock climbing adventures in New Zealand. The commanding beauty of volcanic landscape offers a dramatic back drop to whatever you do.

New Zealand Rock Climbing - Taupo

If extreme sports are your passion, try rock climbing in Taupo. Climbing activities in Taupo include boulder climbing, mountain climbing, indoor wall climbing and many more. Just, give it a try!


Queenstown is like climber’s paradise whether you are a beginner to rock climbing or getting on a guided mountain climb. You can explore streams, pools and creeksas you climb and abseil your way climbing this spectacular canyon.

New Zealand Rock Climbing - Queenstown

Waitomo Caves Adventures

Waitomo Caves are real New Zealand adventure sport icon and explorers’ paradise. An exciting journey to forgotten world including Tumu Tumu Toobing, Haggis Honking Holes makes Waitomo caves adventure more exciting and adventurous.

New Zealand Rock Climbing - Waitomo Caves


Auckland is providing indoor climbing opportunities for all kinds of climbers from learners to experienced climbers. Its activities will really make sure your climbing experience a good and exciting one.

New Zealand Rock Climbing - Auckland

Enjoy the amazing view on the Auckland Bridge Climb, a memorable adventure that takes hikers under, up, around the historic Auckland Harbor Bridge.

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