5 Most Beautiful Private Yacht Charter Destinations

By on August 9, 2014

How about enjoying this vacation time in private yacht charter? It is really an awesome experience to spend in private sailing on sea. You will have the chance to explore uninhabited islands, explore the sea in private.

Got confused where to go for spending such vacations? Then here are some wonderful private yacht charter destinations.

Caribbean Islands

Private Yacht Charter Destinations - Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Islands is one of the most loved private yacht charter destinations. It is called as the yachter’s paradise. You can enjoy yachting in blue ocean waters along 2000 miles coastline.

You can enjoy exploring beautiful islands, reefs, islets, and cays. Of course, don’t forget to do local shopping during your halts. Some of the best destinations in this region are Virgin Islands, Anguilla, St Maarten, Grenadines, etc.


Private Yacht Charter Destinations - Greece

Another beautiful place for spending in private yacht charter is Greece. This is not only one of the most loved private yacht destinations in the world, but also most loved travel destination too.

There are around 6000 Greek islands and islets spread over Aegean Sea. You can enjoy scuba diving, and also explore the rich beauties of these islands.

Indian Ocean Region

Private Yacht Charter Destinations - Indian Ocean

Get yourself a private yacht charter and enjoy the most beautiful Indian Ocean. The vast beautiful Indian Ocean allows you to enjoy the stunning coral, and wild sea creatures.

Some of the best private yacht charter destinations in Indian Ocean are Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles, and Madagascar. Apart from yacht sailing, you can even enjoy doing other activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, etc.

French Riviera

Private Yacht Charter Destinations - French Riviera

Next in the list of best places for private yacht charter is French Riviera. This is one most famous and popular destination for yachters. Explore the glamorous places in French Riviera, which includes Monaco, Monte Carlo, St. Tropez, and Porto Cervo.

The coastline of French Riviera, otherwise known as Cote d’Azur in France is covered with natural beauty, beautiful architecture, sandy beaches, splendid resorts, etc.


Private Yacht Charter Destinations - Bahamas

Bahamas is another wonderful destination for private yachting in Atlantic Ocean. It is considered as one of the most luxurious yachting destination in the world.

You can enjoy your private yacht charter along the 500 miles of beautiful islands of Bahamas. Coastline of Bahamas is filled with beautiful beaches, resorts, golf courses, spas, etc. Along with sailing, you can even enjoy diving, and many other water sports.

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