Top Five Places To See In Uruguay

By on February 13, 2014

Uruguay tourist attractions are innumerable in number as it is packed with numerous white sandy beaches, greenery, old monuments and pristine beaches.

So, why not take the full advantage of less crowded destination and explore the tranquil, scenic beaches and towns of Uruguay for a unique experience in South America. We recommend you some of the best places.

Have a luxurious escape to this South American paradise by visiting these heavenly destinations.

1. Montevideo

Uruguay Attractions - Montevideo

It is great to start one’s vacation in Uruguay by visiting its most beautiful beaches and festivities. Montevideo is the Uruguay’s largest and capital city offers tourists a variety of indoor shopping opportunities.

It is more cherished for its informal markets such as Villa Biarritz Fair, Mercado del Puerto. Visit to the place of Spanish-Italian art designs as well as find yourself the cultural diversity in this amazing patch of land.

2. Punta del Diablo

Uruguay Attractions - Punta del Diablo

Get a quiet escape from the busy town in this tranquil part of Uruguay.Walk in miles of beach coast lines, surf and enjoy the wooden cabins as well as trouble-free rural lifestyle.

You will find the local people whose lives are like nature-oriented and also as down-to-earth as peaceful surrounding.

3.Rocha Coast

Uruguay Attractions - Rocha Coast

It is a most popular destination for its natural beaches which honor the national slogan of Uruguay Natural. Places like La Paloma, La Pedrera and Cabo Polonio are the favorites of surfers and adults too.

Cabo Polonio offers special experience with its exotic, romantic and relaxed atmosphere. La Pedrera is perfect if you want to enjoy surfing.

4. Colonia del Sacramento

Uruguay Attractions - Colonia del Sacramento

This city is well-known for its most cobbled streets, restaurants, scenic spots and vibrant history together. Plan your trip to this destination and experience the happening nightlife and other places of amusement. Visit city’s lighthouse, museum, drawbridge and bullrings.

5. Santa Teresa National Park

Uruguay Attractions - Santa Teresa National Park

It is locally known as Parque Nacional Santa Teresa. Any Uruguayan trip is incomplete without a visit to this spot. This is a wonderful venue to enjoy a wildlife trek. In addition, this stunning place has excellent camping grounds to reside for a few nights to enjoy verdant splendor all around.

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