Making Wildlife Holidays Madagascar an Unforgettable Experience

By on October 8, 2013

Wildlife Holidays MadagascarWildlife Holidays Madagascar is a unique place to people who want to spend their holidays in wildlife. It is called “the land of lemur” as we see huge variety of lemurs over there.

Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island, which lies off southeast coast of Africa, across the Mozambique Channel. Lemurs are present only in the small islands and Madagascar all over the world.

Madagascar is like home to various species such as mongooses, frogs, civets, reptiles and different kinds of rare birds.

Madagascar’s exceptional bio-diversity place of environmental destruction made it a world conservation priority. Madagascar has an extensive network of protected areas which are open to visitors.

The park fees incurred is utilized for maintenances of reserves and for economic benefits to local people. This gives us an impression that Madagascar tourist industry is best at its valuable ecology.

A habitat starts from verdant rain forests to deciduous forests and mountain peaks to hill of desert. Here we can find numerous kinds of animals such as birds like Madagascar yellow brow and serpent eagle and reptiles like large parson’s chameleon and leaf tail gecko.

Today Madagascar possesses a unique and wide range of wildlife. Madagascar Island has been developed or expanded in its own ecological niche after its separation with African mainland for some 165 million years.

All the amphibians, mammals and reptiles found here are nowhere else present in the world makes wildlife holidays Madagascar tour truly unique experience.

Madagascar is like home to many species such as:

  • 30 lemurs
  • 34 known species of chameleon
  • 7 baobabs and many more

According to biological survey, there are still new species being discovered and we also find orchids bloom between September and January.

Popular places to spend wildlife holidays Madagascar:

  • Berenty Private Reserve: It is the best and good wildlife reserve. It is presented adjacent to Mandrare River. It is the small island where we can find full of excellent wildlife including 6 species of lemur and sisal plantations provides approachable and intimate wildlife experiences.
  • Ranomafana national park: It is the most important for wildlife holidays Madagascar and world heritage site and also the best wildlife reserve too. Its main aim is to protect the newly discovered golden bamboo lemur. Its misty forest slopes, pleasant climate, picturesque and large species diversity made it a deserved favorite.
  • Combination of special reserve of Perinet and the mantadia national park forms the Andasibe-Mantadia national park which is the most accessible rain forest on the island and 14 lemurs take shelter under this including the largest Indri lemur.

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