Madagascar Travel Safety Tips That Every Traveler Should Consider

By on May 23, 2014

Traveling to Madagascar? Are you aware of the questions given below regarding Madagascar trip?

Is it safe to travel to Madagascar? Which places are safe to travel in Madagascar and what are the warning signs if you travel Madagascar?

What are those safety tips to be aware of before traveling Madagascar? To get answers for all these questions, keep reading this article that provides safety information to stay safe while you are in Madagascar.

Public Transport

Madagascar Travel Safety TipsYou will find public transportation unreliable over there. Roads are in bad condition and uneven or unpaved hence the rate of accidents is high.

There is a risk of happening injuries very often due to lack of perfect traffic rules. Make sure taking extra caution while traveling to Antananarivo since the roads are in extremely poor condition with sharp ends and heavily loaded vehicles.

It is more risky to travel by road in rainy season. Many bridges will wash away and the small roads to the streets and other places become blocked.


Getting money out in Madagascar is unsafe completely. Making huge money transactions, giving more money as tips at the hotels, etc. will grab unnecessary attention by the robbers. Don’t keep all your money at the same place. Keep the large amounts somewhere safely and use only small amounts for any purchases or your needs.

Ariary is the official currency of Madagascar and 10000 ariary is biggest one. Keep a note that these biggest notes should be hidden and use only small notes.


Be careful!! Madagascar trip has threat of various diseases like rabies, Hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever and DT-Polio.

If you are planning to travel to east of Madagascar, you must get complete vaccinations and treatment against malaria. When traveling to rural areas, it is necessary to get small first aid box to stay safe and healthy.

There is also a threat of food-borne and water borne diseases. So, be particular while drinking water and having food. Avoid consuming toxic sardines.

Traveling Alone Safety

Going outside alone during nights is unsafe. It is strongly advised to make only day trips. Be cautious about your bank transactions and keep all the money safely before coming out of the bank.

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