Lightweight Backpacking List You Need To Check

By on April 10, 2014

To make your trip as enjoyable as possible, you need to create a lightweight backpacking list. At one point or another, each and every hiker or backpacker will definitely feel that how can I lighten my heavy loaded backpack without compromising my comfort?

Lightweight Backpacking List

Lightweight backpacking allows you to hike farther and faster but it is also important to be safe. The following ultralight backpacking gear list really helps you and ensure that you will pack everything important.
Lightweight Backpacking List

  • Are you a keen hiker and going to hike in heavy snows? Don’t forget to carry light weight tent mostly, four-season tent and free-standing tent are preferred to make your hike comfort and fun. Semi-geodesic tent is an ideal solution in case of sharing with three people.
  • Day Pack: It must be large enough in order to fit all your gear inside preferably with padded belt and back, compression straps and sternum straps.
  • For safety and basic information while navigating, try to include a map, GPS and compass into your list.
  • Headlamp or flash light are must to carry as they are very crucial for your over-night hikes for safety purpose. Carry extra batteries as well.
  • To stay hydrated, carry water bottles or use any water treatments like drops or tablets.
  • Eating: Today, we have lots of options for ultra-light high-tech stoves that are available in market. It is pretty cool to have our homemade food.
  • Carrying some sunscreen lotions makes your trials comfort and keeps your skin less damaged.
  • Light fleece vest and light fleece jacket for insulating purpose.
  • Most backpackers make mistakes in over-packing especially in regards to attire. It is preferred to carry synthetic clothes.
  • Other accessories include: Lightweight wide-brimmed hat, Camera, first-aid supplies, hand sanitizer, toilet papers and trekking poles.

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