Items To Include In Your Packing List For Vacation To Dubai

By on February 8, 2016

The sandy beaches, the enticing tropical climate, the magnificent skyscrapers, the superb dining options, make Dubai a worth touring place. Dubai is not only a shopping destination but it is the place meant for the adventure seekers.

In fact, there are lot many things to do in Dubai. So, if you are visiting Dubai, prepare a packing list for vacation.

Packing List For Vacation To Dubai

Items For Packing List For Vacation To Dubai

Some of the things to be included in the packing list for vacation to Dubai are:

The Sun Protector Lotion

Even if you are not a skin-conscious person, the sun protection lotion must be added to the luggage. Those who want to visit this place between May and October they will have to carry the lotion.

The Waterproof Camera

If you are one of the adventure lovers wanting to swim across the beaches of Dubai or wish to enjoy a day at the wild Wadi Waterpark in the Abu Dhabi, the most important equipment you will need is the tough waterproof camera. It will be used to take videos and pictures. All-weather cameras are available.

The Zoom Camera And The Bigger Memory Card

Visiting Dubai is an amazing experience in itself. Those who are the intrepid shooters of lots of videos and pictures, they will perhaps need the bigger SD memory card. Being less bulky than the DSLR, the zoom feature will allow you to shoot things from a distance.

Light Colored Clothes And The Proper Pair Of Shoes

The light colored shirt can capably deflect the sun’s rays. Use the walking shorts in place of jeans and avoid wearing the leather shoes when touring the desert. To protect against the sun, bring an umbrella. Long and light trousers are a must to carry.

The Wide Rimmed Hat And The Pair Of Sunglasses

The wide-rimmed hat and a great pair of sunglasses are a must to carry. The wide-rimmed hat will protect your head from the eyes of the sun.

Packing list for vacation must be prepared so that you do not miss out on essentials. Cameras, chargers, umbrella, hat, sunglasses and the essential cosmetics must be carried.

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