Is It Safe To Travel Uganda?

By on October 22, 2013

Is It Safe To Travel Uganda?Are you thinking of traveling to Uganda, and are you with a doubt in mind that is it safe to travel to Uganda?

A visit to Africa is not an easy task, which may get you into troubles if you do not take care of yourself.

Only some places in Africa are safe to travel under some regular precautions to be followed. The most important is the keen observation of your surroundings and the people.

Uganda is one of the few places in Africa where we can feel safe. Especially the people of Northern region of Uganda have been leading a peaceful life.

Here are some tips to follow for safe travel to Uganda:

  1. The first important thing is to stay in groups as there is possibility for violent actions which take place without any warnings. This is severe during political meetings.
  2. Avoid being with strangers and be away from them, keep your belongings closure. Usually small number of people forms as a group and attack tourists, so it is necessary to stay away from strangers and never leave any of your information.
  3. If you are an alcoholic better put an end or take only little amounts as most of the criminals can easily reach you and you may be targeted.
  4. Uganda is one of the places where may people suffer from HIV and AIDS. It is a severe issue that nation has been worrying about. To lower the infectious rate, an awareness program on HIV/AIDS has been made compulsory for the uneducated people. So, it is very important that you should not have any physical contacts with anybody and make sure to follow good healthy tips.

Msafiri Tours are very usual in Uganda. Follow the useful tips below which make your Msafiri trip safe in your Uganda travel.

  1. Always be with your Masafiri tour Guide or be in tourist bus while going around nearest places.
  2. Always note address and name of the hotel where you stay. Better have contact details of the receptionist.
  3. Be careful while drawing money from the money machines as you may be attacked by the petty criminals.
  4. Never carry any of your belongings in your hand. Make sure all the valuables are in your bag.
  5. If you lost at any place, do not worry and stay calm as others get your attention and take over advantage of it.
  6. It is better not to wear any heavy jewelry or expensive things.
  7. Never walk alone in the dark on the roads.
  8. Make a copy of your passport and leave the originals in the hotel room as it is risky to carry original documents along with you.
  9. Flirting is most common for woman in all places of the world and you also encounter in it in your travel to Uganda. Don’t be panic and tense, just a friendly rejection is enough and it doesn’t cause any problems.
  10. Avoid wearing shorts for woman and it make a wrong impression with local people. Jeans and Khaki trousers are the good choices.
  11. Avoid eating on the streets which lead to health problems as they are not hygienic.

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